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Perfect for low-volume cheque scanning requirements

SmartSource® Micro Elite

The SmartSource® Micro Elite may be the perfect Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) scanner for low-volume environments, with its single-feed design and low price. The most sought-after qualities in scanners for RDC are affordability, size, and simplicity – and the Micro Elite delivers on all three fronts.

Measuring just 17.8cm by 10.6cm, the Micro Elite’s footprint on your desktop is not much bigger than a smartphone’s. And at a rated speed up to 45 documents per minute, it can handle cheques and deposit slips just as fast as you can put them in. The Micro Elite delivers a great balance of performance and price for your remote deposit capture operation.

SmartSource Micro Elite

Key Features

Single-feed operation at up to 45 documents per minute (or as fast as you can insert them)

Extremely small footprint — approx. 180 x 130mm

Optional single-line inkjet endorser

ID card capture in 600dpi

Low power consumption: 18W running/3W idle

Automatic cleaning mode

Quality Construction

Small. Reliable. Affordable.

It may be a single-feed scanner, but the SmartSource Micro Elite is made to handle documents as quickly as you can put them into the feeder. At a rated speed of up to 45 documents per minute, it’s about as fast as you can get while still being a single-feed device. It also includes an optional single-line inkjet endorser. And, it contains all the enhanced features of its big brothers in the SmartSource Elite series — an automatic cleaning mode, ID card capture, and a Smart LED colour status indicator and control button.

Teller-grade components make the Micro Elite as durable and low-maintenance as many comparable devices priced twice as high. You can be sure that your scanner will be ready when you need it. With a rated lifespan of over 1 million scans, it can handle your RDC workload for years on end.

The Micro Elite SE (Serial Embedded) comes with onboard processing power to run the SmartSource API internally – meaning zero setup and maximum compatibility options for end users.

Automatic Cleaning Mode & ID Card Capture

Even though it’s an RDC scanner, the Micro Elite comes with many of the great new features we developed for branch capture.

An automatic cleaning mode, as seen in the video, uses the motion of the feed mechanism to “scrub” the paper track and key components, making sure maintenance is done right. The LED indicator also reminds you when it’s time for a cleaning. As with the Elite series models, if you have an older Micro Elite, you can still enable the new cleaning mode through a firmware update. For users who need to scan customer ID card images, the Micro Elite has a straight-through path for capturing rigid objects. A new TWAIN interface for exporting to other programs may be available if supported by your bank’s deposit platform.

Scanner Specifications

Unit Dimensions

Height:  17.8 cm (6.99″)

Width:  10.6 cm (4.18″)

Length:  17.7 cm (6.96″)

Weight:  1.2 kg (2.7 lbs)


Rated speed: Up to 45 docs per min (single feed)

Image sensor: 600dpi (colour)

Input/exit capacity: n/a

APIs / Operating System


Can be addressed by any device with a web browser

— Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Citrix/VMWare virtual environments


Rear endorser: 600dpi, 1 line

MICR: E13B and CMC7 (auto-detecting)


Operating Power: 18W

User Guides

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