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Parking and Fines

From receiving and processing parking enforcement payments and fines, to dealing efficiently with challenges and process communication, and transforming to digital systems.

parking enforcement

Does your process handling restrict your cashflow and cause issues?

Civil parking enforcement provides an important means by which local authorities can effectively deliver wider transport strategies and objectives. Whilst not the primary objective, the income from it can be a significant and important revenue stream for councils and parking system providers. 

However, processing parking enforcement payments and dealing with challenges can be slow and burdensome when done manually. Mismanagement can also seriously impact cashflow and increase customer complaints.

Slow identification or matching of funds received against fines can mean slower clearing. It can also begin a cycle of unwarranted debt collection and create unnecessary expenses. If challenges to fines and process communication are slow or progress is difficult to see, it can lead to customer complaints, regulatory issues and Ombudsman involvement.

If you deal with multiple parking systems, then visibility and timely access can be difficult. Integration into your systems can be very complex. As a result reporting can be compromised and cost increased through administration. Capital investment into necessary technology that could alleviate the issues may be cost prohibitive.

Additionally, dealing with and storing paper can also be cumbersome and cause issue. It can also negatively affect environmental goals and green credentials.

In times of increased activity, high volumes of payment or communication processing, can restrict capacity and cause bottlenecks in the clearing process.  Recruitment and training of staff to deal with this can be costly and time consuming and not always feasible. 

Fortunately, outsourcing to Parseq can remove all these burdens, whilst saving you time and money, providing you with an automated parking payment solution.

Key challenges of processing parking enforcement fines for councils and parking system providers

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and resource

Using manual processes is arduous, time consuming and inefficient.

Errors-01 300px

Costly mistakes

Manual input and processes risk high levels of error, duplication and missed information.



Misallocation of money to fines can slow clearing and restrict cashflow. Capital investment issues.

Volume Scale-01300px

No scalability

HR cost and effort in times of peak demand restricts capacity and causes complaints.

Limited Insight-01300px

Poor visibility

Multiple systems can make it difficult to access critical information, increasing risk and negatively affecting customers.

Paper Burden-01300px

Paper burden

Storage of paper is cumbersome and causes issues when it needs to be filed with related digital information.

Our capabilities

parking enforcement

Quick parking payment processing and communication handling with full visibility

Fast, accurate, automated matching capabilities and exceptions handling, with real-time data and digitised communication integrated into your systems.

We work with many councils and parking system providers to streamline their parking enforcement processing systems and support their transformation from paper to digital processing. By doing so we significantly increase the speed and ease of payment processing, dealing effectively with challenges and correspondence, all meanwhile saving them substantial costs.

Our highly automated digital mailroom has intelligent matching capabilities to support your parking payment system. With 99% accuracy it matches details and validates payments against penalty charge notices that have been issued. It also has in-built learning for continuous improvement.  Payment is processed on the same day, with all transactions recorded and uploaded onto a client portal for full visibility.

Where non-matches occur that can’t be resolved locally, escalation rules are implemented. All exceptions are evidenced digitally in a centralised system together for easy access and faster resolution by the client.

Likewise, if a fine is challenged, this is recorded and evidenced. A digitised image of the correspondence, dates, and relevant penalty charge notice are uploaded to a centralised place, alerting the client to action required. 

Since all communication and data captured or processed is digitised, it removes the need for our clients to keep paper filing, making future access and distribution quicker and easier.

Our clients have access to real time data and reporting of all their parking systems in one place. This includes all transaction history and customisable KPIs, which aids visibility and compliance and greatly simplifies internal system integration. 

We invest in the technology that you need, avoiding capital investment and future issues as customer needs change. This is what makes Parseq the ideal solution for outsourcing your parking payment services to.  Whatever your individual requirements and systems, we can help remove complexities and save you money, time and resources.

Realtime Dahboard-01300px

Realtime dashboard

Full reporting and KPI suite updated in real time to assess and manage transaction processing timescales and volumes.


Automatic match

Automatically matches payments against fines issued and workflow errors or exceptions.

Exceptions Handling-01300px

Online exceptions

Where non matches occur that cannot be resolved locally, escalation rules are implemented. All exceptions are digitally centralised for easy access and resolution.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Paper and electronic

Captures and extracts payments and correspondence in both paper and electronic formats.

Same Day-01300px

Same day

Same day payment processing and upload of all images (including cheques, remittances, and challenges) to cloud-based portal.

The benefits



KPIs and compliance

Easy access to real time data. Better adherence to compliance.


99.9% Accuracy

Right first time

Less mistakes and exceptions and in-built ‘learning’ for continual improvement.

Cost Saving-01300px

Cost saving

Typically 20%

Significant cost saving versus your current in-house processing costs.




No capital investment. Easy integration into existing systems. 



Same day

Payments processed and data  uploaded same day. Significant reduction to processing time.




Accommodates any level of processing with no need to recruit or train.

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