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Departmental needs

Business transformation

The workflows, protocols, technology and agility to support and accelerate the journey of business transformation.

Business transformation is unnecessarily complex without the right support

Complete business transformation is challenging yet necessary for future competitiveness. It’s a lengthy process impacting all organisational aspects, posing significant challenges in value generation, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction improvement.

Digital and process transformation encounters barriers like legacy IT systems, integration issues and investment requirements. Evolving customer needs, organisational resistance to change and stakeholder buy-in add complexity.

Convincing stakeholders of the benefits of outsourcing, addressing customer relations concerns and ensuring alignment with goals, ROI and compliance are additional hurdles. Business transformation may involve multiple stages, necessitating various technologies and platforms.

Navigating these phases requires a responsive, long-term approach and expert support. We offer the necessary agility and expertise to facilitate successful transformation.

Key challenges of business transformation and digital transformation

Exceptions Handling-01300px

Legacy systems

IT systems, workflows or structure. Need for easy integration and adoption.


Mulitple stakeholders

Convincing multiple stakeholders of the benefits and allaying their fears.



Selling in ROI on IT investment or other processes.



Different stages of transformation may require different platforms or processes.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Need to mitigate risk at all stages.



Demonstrate tangible results as soon as possible.

Our business transformation solutions

Agile outsourcing partner for quicker results and easier sell-in

The agility, flexibility and results-focused approach to make business transformation easier and quicker.

We’ve facilitated business transformation for diverse clients over years, focusing on tangible value and realising their vision. Our business transformation solutions cut costs, boost productivity and enhance customer experience. Examples include a 40% decrease in suspense accounts in 6 months, freeing up cashflow and reducing payment clearance time from three days to same-day.

For some, we create new workflows and systems, while for others, we integrate into existing systems before full digital transformation. We collaborate closely, adapting to client needs.

Outsourcing business transformation to Parseq allows you to avoid investment; we invest in technology, seamlessly integrating with your platforms. Legacy systems are replaced with future-proof solutions.

We understand the need to convince stakeholders of the value of digital and business transformation, whether it’s freeing up time for more meaningful work or improving customer experience. Whatever your vision and complexities, we can help you achieve it with business transformation outsourcing.



Access to multiple software and platforms, and able to deal with multiple digital and non-digital formats.


Easy integration

Solutions that can be plugged into existing systems or workflows.

HR-01 300px

Economies of scale

Shared service centres and access to experts.

Volume Scale-01300px

Scale and flexibiltiy

Ability to handle flexible volumes, load bearing, nearshore and offshore capability.



Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs assure strict levels of compliance and regulation are adhered to. View our certifications here.

The benefits of business transformation services




Significant efficiencies and increases to output and value, whilst always maintaining integrity.


99.9% accuracy

Right first time

Automated intelligent systems. Less mistakes and exceptions and in-built ‘learning’ for continual improvement.

Cost Saving-01300px

Cost saving

Typically 30%

Significant cost saving versus your current in-house processing costs.



Remove burden

Our expertise, technology and flexible approach help us to remove barriers and make it easier for you.




We more adeptly devise solutions to accelerate your transformation and get quicker results. 



Long term value

Our people and clients stay with us for a long time. We are with you for the journey.

Client testimonial

A very agile professional partner...

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