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Warehouse and Fulfilment

Modern, highly secure warehouse facilities.  Expertly staffed for all storage and pick and pack, and despatch needs.

The burden of storage and despatch wastes money and time

Looking for a secure storage and pick and pack solution? With increasing online sales and market pressures, customers are becoming ever more demanding for their goods and services to be dealt with and delivered quickly. But the ability to do so is becoming more complex and time consuming.

If you store and despatch in-house, it can be difficult to recruit and train experienced warehouse and fulfilment people, as well as ensure health and safety compliance. 

You can’t afford time delays, or dealing with multiple issues and errors, especially at peak times. And, if you need to expand, or require new updated facilities, there is capital investment and maintenance to consider. That’s if you can find a suitable facility in a good location, in this extremely competitive sector.

Happily, Parseq removes these complexities and has an immediate solution for you.

Key challenges of in-house storage and fulfilment

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and resource

Non-profit making time, resource and space is wasted.


Capital Investment

Cost and depreciation of premises,  technology, machinery and staff.

HR-01 300px

HR burden

Cost and time for recruitment, training and compliance especially at peak times.

Volume Scale-01300px

No flexibility

No efficiency for decreased volume or down time. 

Errors-01 300px


Burden of dealing with errors and despatch delays.


Customer experience

Temporary or inexperienced staff can negatively impact service at peak times.

Our capabilities

secure storage pick and pack solutions

Store and distribute your goods safely and efficiently, without lifting a finger

Secure warehousing with a range of pick and pack and despatch solutions, designed to save money and time.

We provide secure warehousing and pick and pack fulfilment services to a range of clients, from financial services, to charities. Each benefiting from efficient order to dispatch protocols and a meticulous approach to timing and individual client specification, and subject to strict SLAs.

Our modern 2,427 sq meters / 26,124 sq foot warehouse is located in Rotherham, an enviable position in the heart of the UK’s motorway network. Fully protected by CCTV, staff and perimeter fencing to ensure absolute security and operating 24/7.

We provide a range of pick and pack and despatch solutions, including hand fulfilment for mixed size inserts or small volume campaigns where machine enclosing is not possible or practical. We use intelligent storage location identification and real time management information for total visibility.

We also offer reworking, repacking, on-demand scanning or retrieval and a range of bespoke service elements depending on your needs. All performed by our experienced and expert staff, and potentially delivered at a fraction of your current in-house costs.


Highly secure

24/7 CCTV, staff and perimeter fencing.



Bespoke services according to our clients’ needs.

Realtime Dahboard-01300px

Real time data

Intelligent storage location identification and real-time management information.

Multiple Ledgers and Platforms-01300px

Pick and Pack, Dispatch

Multiple item pick & pack service with same-day despatch



Traditional pallet or box storage. Retrieval & scan on demand services. 24/7

The benefits

Cost Saving-01300px

Save money

Reduce costs

Significant cost saving versus your current in-house costs.




Redeploy staff and space to profit making activities.

Time and Cost-01300px


Time and speed

Same day pick and pack and despatch. Quickly check stock levels and activity.


Reduce risk


Expert staff. Strict SLAs. Less errors.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px



Less mistakes, quicker despatch, happier customers.

Volume Scale-01300px



Accommodates peaks and troughs, with no need to recruit or plan. 


Store and distribute your goods safely and efficiently, without lifting a finger

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