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Departmental needs

Financial and management accounting

The security, technology and experience to drive down cost and provide total visibility, whilst maintaining integrity and removing the burden of capital investment and recruiting staff.

financial and management accounting

Saving money is nothing without integrity, continuity and results

For CFOs and Finance Directors, ensuring financial stability without risking failure is paramount. Scaling up brings challenges like operational disruptions and capital constraints, hindering cashflow and visibility.

Financial and management accounting automation, as well as digital transformation, offer solutions but require careful consideration of current and future needs, ROI, and timeframes. Data security and compliance are non-negotiable, demanding tried and tested processes.

At Parseq, we understand the pressure and complexities of financial management, offering tailored solutions for seamless operations and compliance.

Key challenges of business process efficiency for CFOs and financial and management accounting

Reduce Risk-01300px


Security, compliance and continuity must be maintained at all times. Integrity and easy integration is vital.

Limited Insight-01300px


Need for timely data to view risk and maximise opportunity.



Significant investment required for necessary  technology.

Volume Scale-01300px

Scaling up

Time, resource and staffing may restrict ability to scale up.



Inefficient cashflow may affect operational functionality and growth.



Demonstrate tangible results as soon as possible.

Our financial and management accounting automation solutions

financial and management accounting solutions

Secure, quickly deployed financial and management accounting automation, for better insight and efficiency

The security, technology and experience to drive down cost and provide total visibility more quickly.

Outsourcing to us benefits your financial and management accounting department in multiple ways: saving time and money, improving cashflow, operational health and consistency.

We leverage highly automated technology to handle repetitive tasks, managing high volumes of work and reducing cost-per-process (typically achieving 20% savings compared to in-house processes). For example, our accurate automated cash allocation solution allocates over 95% of payments on day 1, potentially reducing suspense or clearing accounts by up to 50% in 6 months.

Our financial accounting solutions offer real-time data access through an online portal, enhancing visibility for risk minimisation and better cashflow utilisation. Outsourcing functions like management accounts and credit management saves on running costs and recruitment/training burdens.

You retain control while gaining extraordinary insight into performance reporting, with customisable KPIs, budgeting, forecasting, and secure operations. We ensure absolute integrity, security, and compliance, with impeccable credentials from serving large financial organisations.

Our easy system integration ensures business continuity, with nearshore/offshore capabilities for added continuity and cost savings. We invest in technology and maintenance, relieving you of capital investment worries.

Clients stay long-term due to collaborative efforts and measurable value. Whatever your financial and management accounting needs, we can help you get results more quickly, ensuring absolute integrity and minimising any risk.



Access to multiple tried and tested software and platforms, including digital and non-digital.



Highly automated intelligent systems for speed and accuracy and in-built learning.


Easy integration

Solutions that can be plugged into existing systems or workflows.

HR-01 300px

Economies of scale

Shared service centres and access to experts.

Volume Scale-01300px

Scale and flexibiltiy

Ability to handle flexible volumes, load bearing, nearshore and offshore capability.



Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs assure strict levels of compliance. View our certifications here.

The benefits of financial and management accounting automation




Significant efficiencies and increases to output and value, whilst always maintaining integrity and compliance.


99.9% accuracy

Right first time

Less mistakes and exceptions and in-built ‘learning’ for continual improvement.

Cost Saving-01300px

Cost saving

Typically 20%

Significant cost saving versus your current in-house processing costs.



Remove burden

Our expertise, technology and flexible approach help us to remove barriers and make it easier for you.




We more adeptly devise solutions to get quicker results and keep in line with needs as you grow. 



Long term value

Our people and clients stay with us for a long time. We are with you for the journey.

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Full credit management services including invoice production, voice contact, query investigation and resolution to industry leading KPIs.

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Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

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