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Improving cash management and process efficiency


We help utility companies significantly improve internal resources, cash management and customer satisfaction.

A range of services to manage utility payment and communication processing from receipt of invoice/remittance to payment allocation, delivering improved cashflow, customer satisfaction and compliance.

Don’t let inefficiencies or misallocation affect cashflow and debt collection

Having helped many utility companies over the last 20 years significantly improve their efficiency and capabilities, we understand the key pressures they face in this highly legislative market.

The current economic and political climate has only increased a pressurised market, where debt management, cashflow and customer service dominate. Inaccuracies and misallocation of payments, if not dealt with, can create significant suspense accounts, affect credit ratings and trigger unwarranted debt collection. 

The consequence is not only restricted cashflow but damaging customer experience. In a highly competitive market with new market entrants and ever more demanding customer needs, this can be critical.

High volumes of communication and stricter requirements from legislative bodies makes it essential to find an effective and efficient way of resolving these issues quickly.

The challenges of cash management and communication processing for utility companies


Debt management

Debts are rising. Misallocated payments significantly increase debt recovery and cost.



Inefficient processes make it easier to breach ever tougher regulation.


Customer service

Competitors are eager to take customers from you that have experienced bad service or slow processing.

Time and Cost-01300px


Manual processing is inefficient and prone to mistakes.



Failure to match invoices to payments increases suspense accounts and restricts cashflow.

Our capabilities

Drive down your suspense account and customer complaints

From better payment allocation to improving customer service and communication. Our solutions can transform your ability to compete.

We can create efficiencies and unlock cash for you that can be used to help lower cost-to-serve and make your organisation more competitive in a crowded and tough marketplace.

In the face of bad debt we could help you increase your cashflow. With better payment allocation, utilising an automated process to match and reconcile payments, we have helped some of our clients reduce their suspense accounts by up to 50%.

In doing so, errors were significantly reduced, radically improving customer experience and negating the need for unnecessary debt collection and further cost.

We can also simplify and speed up the high volumes of customer communications, whether that be by paper, electronic or voice. Our highly automated Digital Mailroom can accurately extract, digitise and segment communication, for far quicker resolution and easy retrieval. 

Whatever your specific need, we have the solutions and protocols to integrate seamlessly with your systems, and the agility to provide real value, quickly.

Digital Mailroom-01

Digital Mailroom

Mailroom management and digitisation of all inbound customer communication for onward distribution, upload to online portals or relevant processing duties.

Credit Management-01

Credit Management

Full credit management services including invoice production, voice contact, query investigation and resolution to industry leading KPIs.

Cash Allocation-01

Cash Allocation

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

secure print

Secure Print

Secure print bureau services provides a ready solution for remediation payments particularly for service outages.

BACS end to end-01

BACS end-to-end

Full BACS payment instruction and processing, along with enhanced validation for multiple customers. 

The benefits

Benefits of  outsourcing cash management and communication processing for utility companies

Time and Cost-01300px

Cost & Efficiency

Time and money

Significant savings versus in-house costs, with faster results.



95% Same day allocation

With levels of over 90% automation, payments  are allocated the same day.


99.9% Accuracy

Right first time

Our technology increases accuracy but our exceptions protocol near guarantees it.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px


Better communication

Less mistakes, unwarranted payment chasing and quicker resolution makes happier customers.



Reduced suspense account

Substantially reduce your suspense account by up to 50%.




Less errors, faster communication and resolution with strict protocols and SLAs.

Client testimonial

A very agile professional partner...

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