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Customer experience

The technology, people and systems to significantly improve customer experience and drive down customer complaints, whilst saving money.

How will cost saving and automation affect customer service?

Customers are becoming more demanding in what they want and how they want to engage and interact when accessing products or services. As a result the pressure and ability to maintain a positive experience is increasingly difficult. 

Manual processes are time consuming and vulnerable to human mistakes, which can drive up complaints.  Increasing volumes of interactions or the need for wider communication platforms can compound this. So too can the internal pressure to do more with less resource, as recruitment and running costs continue to rise. Maintaining quality at peak times can be challenging. 

Automation and new technology can speed up processes, reduce mistakes and save money. However, deciding what technology you need is not always easy, especially as customer needs keep changing. 

There are also real concerns about integration of new technologies into existing workflows and the burden of training staff to accept and use them.

It is also natural to fear that less human interaction or enforced digital channels could adversely affect customer relations, forcing customers to use platforms they don’t want, creating more complaints or compliance issues.

If you are charged with creating and maintaining a positive customer experience, process automation and cost efficiency is a hugely challenging dilemma. However, these are the complexities we understand and can help you overcome, as we do for so many of our clients who outsource many of their processes to us.

Key challenges of process automation and digital transformation for customer service

Errors-01 300px

Time and errors

Manual input and processes are slow and risk high levels of error, duplication and missed information, negatively effecting customer relations.

HR-01 300px


Recruitment and training of staff at peak times.



Impact of technology on customer choice and satisfaction, now and in the future.



Customer service must not be compromised during integration or changes to workflow.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Avoidance of data security, response handling and exceptions causing compliance or customer complaints.



Training and adoption of technology or new systems by staff.

Our capabilities

Improve customer service and drive down customer complaints, whilst saving money

The technology, understanding and integrity to make life easier and improve quality efficiently.

Be assured that working with Parseq, we will improve your customers’ experience and make it easier for you. Quality, process integrity, compliance and easy integration are integral to any of our solutions.

For 45 years we have improved the business processes of clients in many different areas, positively enhancing customer service. No longer having to do mundane repetitive tasks, their staff have also become more motivated and can focus on more skilled work.

For example, some have used our highly automated cash allocation workflow and technology to significantly reduce misallocation of payments and deal better with exceptions. This reduces unnecessary debt collection cycle and customer complaints. Where debt management has been required, our expertly trained credit management teams have substantially reduced outstanding debt, whilst carefully maintaining good customer relations.

Those using our online image repository services have significantly enhanced their responsiveness, by being able to retrieve documents or customer information much quicker and easier.  Data is quickly and accurately extracted, digitised and uploaded to client systems for fast easy access 24/7 and better adherence to regulatory requirements. 

We invest in the technology and systems, so you have access to what you need without capital investment. Able to process paper, electronic and voice communication, and continually investing in technological enhancements, we can ensure your customers needs and wishes are met now and in the future.  

Whatever your need, you can rely on us to help streamline your processes and save money whilst ensuring your customer experience is improved. 

Multiple Formats-01300px

Paper and digital

We process multiple formats, however your customers may want to communicate now or in the future.

Realtime Dahboard-01300px

Realtime dashboard

Full reporting and KPI suite updated in real time to assess and manage  processing time scales and volumes.



Highly automated systems for quick processing and accuracy. In-built ‘learning’ for continuous improvement. 

Volume Scale-01300px

Scale and flexibility

Ability to handle flexible volumes, load bearing, nearshore and offshore capability.



Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs assure strict levels of compliance and regulation are adhered to. View our certifications here.

The benefits



Handle peaks

Accommodates any level of processing with no need to recruit. Better peak handling. 




Easy access to real time data and SLAs.


99.9% Accuracy

Right first time

Less mistakes and exceptions and in-built ‘learning’ for continual improvement.

Cost Saving-01300px

Cost saving

Typically 20%

Significant cost saving versus your current in-house processing costs.




We ensure easy integration and have a collaborative approach for smooth implementation.

Same Day-01300px


Same day

Data captured, extracted and uploaded same day. Significant reduction to processing time to better serve customer needs.

HR-01 300px

Free up

Your team

Takes away mundane repetitive tasks so your team can focus on important things and stay motivated.

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