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Departmental needs

IT department

The technological expertise, security, breadth of platforms and flexibility to help IT departments achieve their digital systems goals.

How do you provide strategic value in a rapidly changing environment?

The IT department’s role has evolved, moving to the forefront of business operations. While day-to-day service delivery remains crucial, there’s increased pressure to drive strategic potential and competitive advantage through digital transformation.

Challenges include convincing departments of change benefits, proving ROI, and ensuring timely collaboration with in-house resources. Rapid technological changes pose risks, with access to multiple platforms and maintenance adding complexity.

Security is paramount amidst cyber threats and regulations, yet visibility across legacy platforms can be challenging. Skill shortages further hinder timely delivery and risk management. Parseq offers solutions to alleviate IT department frustrations, facilitating digital transformation and value-driven business outcomes.

Key challenges of digital transformation for IT department

Exceptions Handling-01300px

Legacy systems

Maybe unsuitable for requirements, or scaling up. Concerns on integration and adoption with new technology or systems.



Selling in ROI on IT investment or other processes. Cost of maintenance and  futureproofing in a changing environment.


Mulitple stakeholders

Convincing multiple stakeholders of the benefits and achieving collaboration.



Different stages of transformation may require different platforms or processes.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Need to mitigate risk at all stages. Continuity and security is vital.



Recruitment of skilled staff difficult. Significant day-to-day operations must continue to be resourced.

Our capabilities

We make it easier for IT departments to access what they need for results

The technology, know-how and flexibility to enable change and help you realise potential, quickly and securely.

We simplify IT operations and thrive on solving complex issues. Whether it’s integrating with legacy systems or providing custom code solutions, we adapt to your needs.

Our technical expertise offers multiple flexible solutions, adjusting as your requirements evolve, such as scaling up or migrating platforms. With our investment in technology and systems, you avoid the need to justify capital expenditure to CFOs. Our solutions enhance output, efficiency and customer experience without maintenance concerns.

We prioritise security and compliance, trusted by major financial institutions to process billions of transactions annually under strict SLAs. Our track record in introducing intelligent automated systems ensures your business and customers thrive. We facilitate seamless integration, saving you time and resources for other priorities. Whatever your IT aspirations, we provide infrastructure, technology and support beyond your reach.

HR-01 300px

Expert Resource

Experts focused and experienced in delivering your solution.



Access to multiple software and platforms, and able to deal with digital and non-digital formats.


Easy integration

Solutions that can be plugged into existing systems or workflows.

Volume Scale-01300px

Scale and flexibiltiy

Ability and resource to scale up and adapt solutions as your needs change. 



Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs assure strict levels of compliance and regulation are adhered to. View our certifications here.

The benefits



Remove burden

Our expertise, technology and flexible approach help us to remove barriers and make it easier for you.




Significant efficiencies and increases to output and value, whilst always maintaining integrity.




Consolidated and easier view of systems.

Cost Saving-01300px

Cost saving

Typically 30%

Significant cost saving versus your current in-house processing costs.




We more adeptly devise solutions to accelerate your transformation and get quicker results. 




We are with you for the journey. Adapting and changing as your needs change.

Services you may be interested in

Invoice Processing-01

Invoice Processing

Data extraction and validation of invoices (digital or paper).

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Digital Mailroom

Mailroom management and digitisation of all inbound customer communication for onward distribution, upload to online portals or relevant processing duties.

Cash Allocation-01

Cash Allocation

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

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