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Modern Slavery Act Statement

Parseq Prevention of Modern Slavery Act Statement

(financial year ending 31 December 2022)

In compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“Act”), Parseq offers the following statement regarding its efforts to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our business and across our supply chain.

Parseq is committed to social and environmental responsibilities and has a zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking. We hold ourselves and our supply chain accountable and we fully comply with the provisions of the Act.

We recognise that modern slavery is a complex supply chain issue, and we work in partnership with our clients, suppliers and other organisations to help develop long-term solutions to this issue.

Rights to Work in Parseq

Parseq are committed to ensuring that right to work checks are carried out consistently and diligently in line with current UK legislation. Copies of documents from List A or B of the government’s right to work checklist, the official documentation that must be checked by us as an employer in order to prevent illegal working, are retained on the employee file with audits carried out to ensure that all sites are compliant with our internal procedures and ISO requirements.

Right to work in the UK checks are supplemented by additional security checks, including satisfactory DBS disclosure and at least 2 years’ employment reference checking prior to employment. Dependant on specific campaign or client requirements, further checks may also be required prior to any confirmation of employment.

Full guidance relating to the importance of all pre-employment checks is provided to the HR and Recruitment teams, along with various materials which are designed to ensure that illegal working is prevented.

All Parseq employees must provide relevant right to work documentation, prior to the commencement of employment. In addition, it is a term of all Parseq contracts of employment that all right to work and employment vetting checks are completed to a satisfactory level, before any permanent employment can be confirmed.

All Parseq employees are given contracts of employment confirming the full terms and conditions of the employment relationship. These are given to the employee for review, then signed by both the employee and Parseq, clearly stating the terms and conditions of engagement and the voluntary nature of employment. Parseq employees have the freedom to leave our employment at any time (subject to contractual notice) and any overtime in excess of standard contracted hours is also voluntary.

Working arrangements are constantly changing and Parseq is regularly reviewing new working patterns as clients’ and employees’ requirements continue to develop.  In our industry, we recruit a variety of full-time, part-time, agency and temporary workers and all are required to meet the standards outlined above.

Supply Chain Management

Parseq is committed to purchasing in an ethical and transparent manner and operates a rigorous tender (RFP) approach to selecting key suppliers. We will not knowingly engage with any suppliers that operate poor labour practices that breach current legislation and we reserve the right to audit suppliers where we consider necessary.

As part of our RFP process we request completion of a questionnaire that includes a section relating to the adherence to the Act.

Our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions that can be found via the link below, where suppliers warrant to Parseq that they comply and continue to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations and codes relating to anti-corruption, anti-bribery and slavery & trafficking.

We believe that the presence of slavery and human trafficking in our business and across our supply chain is a low risk given the nature of the services that Parseq provides and the goods and services that Parseq receives from suppliers. However, we have committed to contact suppliers where we deem there could be significant risk and to take steps to seek comfort of their compliance and ongoing commitment to the new legislation and we will remove any suppliers unable to demonstrate compliance.

We have in place policies and procedures to encourage our employees to report any concerns with non-compliance with legislation, including that within our supply chains, and to ensure the protection of whistle blowers.


The CEO is the main board director with primary responsibility for ensuring compliance to the Act and wider corporate responsibility.

The CEO will advise and report on any instances of non-compliance within the organisation and non-compliance within the supply chain. The CEO will ensure corrective actions within the relevant areas of responsibility.


It is Parseq’s intention to review this statement on an annual basis in line with the requirements of Act and update on progress made to ensure full compliance with the Act.

Craig Naylor-Smith


Parseq Ltd