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Cheque Image Capture Scanners

Cutting-edge cheque imaging technology. Supplying both hardware and software fulfilment solutions.

Inconvenient cheque payment processing with the increased closure of bank branches

Customers and businesses rely on efficient payment systems to move money around the economy. As we adopt more digitised payment methods, legacy payment tools such as cheques have been eclipsed. However, even as cheque numbers decline, cheque users have remained loyal. The paper clearing system was in use in the UK up until 2017. With this system physical documents were shipped around the country which protracted and delayed transactions. This, coupled with a reducing bank branch network, has seen the ability of businesses to process cheque payments as both costly and time consuming.

The physical tangible document, of comfort to many organisations, has long been a target of fraudsters. Covert and overt fraud prevention methods adopted to help deter fraudulent transactions mean that only approved accredited security printers have been able to produce bank-approved cheques within the strictest specifications.  

Providing Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) facilities to bank commercial customers has had a slow take-up since the launch of the Image Clearing System (ICS) that replaced the paper-based clearing process in the UK. Whilst personal customers have been able to deposit cheques using mobile apps, business banking clients, who typically deposit larger numbers of cheques, have not been afforded the option of RDC. 

Key challenges of cheque imaging and processing services

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and cost

Increased costs making local branch deposits amidst branch network closures.

Cost Saving-01300px


Hard to justify investment in a declining payment service.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Supporting business cheque customers to make remote deposits more efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px

Customer experience

Reducing bank branch networks forcing change in customer payment processes.



Burden of paper production and increasing pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of cheque documents. Branch visits to deposit cheques.



Prevention of cheque fraud within the cheque image clearing system (ICS) with processing of image only transactions.

Our capabilities

Cheque scanning solutions that meet your organisation’s cheque imaging needs

Our cheque imaging experts can guide you through your options.

Cheque imaging is the process that enables images of paper cheques to be exchanged between banks and building societies, through the Image Clearing System, for payment processing. This significantly speeds up the clearing process by removing the need for the actual paper cheque to be transported physically around the country, which is a method susceptible to fraudsters or getting lost in the chain.

The introduction of faster cheque clearing involved the creation of a completely new payments system. One that now offers next working day clearance of cheque payments with many banks and building societies allowing customers to access their funds earlier than this.

We have been implementing cheque imaging services to enable organisations to take advantage of the new ICS and the opportunities to speed up clearing using Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). RDC is the process of electronically depositing a cheque into a bank account from a remote location, such as at home or in an office. This is typically done by scanning and capturing an image of the cheque using either a cheque scanner or a camera-enabled device such as a smartphone, and then transmitting that image to the bank over a secure connection in place of the original paper document so that the payment can be processed.

We supply a comprehensive range of high-quality, robust and secure cheque image capture scanners in partnership with Digital Check, the world’s largest cheque scanner manufacturer (suppliers of the highest installed scanner base in the world with more than 1 million units). These scanners can be divided roughly into three main categories: –

  • Dedicated high-volume for businesses

  • Dedicated low-volume for businesses

  • Mobile for microbusinesses and consumers

Our scanner range is available to suit these categories in high, medium and low volume respectively and are highly scalable if your business grows . A dedicated scanner is the most efficient way to use (RDC) Remote Deposit Capture for those who process sufficient quantities of cheques.

Our cheque image capture scanners produce highly secure, accurate and quality images that can reduce queries and errors, guarantee compliance and reduce processing times for enhanced customer service and satisfaction.

Our clients know they can rely on our investment and innovation in cheque imaging services to handle any changes in volumes or industry needs in the future, whilst delivering real efficiency and added value, which is why we support so many businesses, big and small, from a range of industries with outsourcing and automating these payment solutions on their behalf.


Dedicated stock

Cheques scanners dispatched from UK stockholding.

HR-01 300px


Dedicated cheque scanner support team.


Comprehensive range

Wide choice of cheque scanners to meet volume and operational requirements.



Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) capability.

Same Day-01300px

Same day upload

Same day upload of all cheque images to bank portal.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Multiple formats

Captures and extracts data from varying cheque formats.

The benefits



Flexible and scalable

Comprehensive range of cheque scanner models to suit cheque volume requirements.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px


Happy customers

First class products synonymous with quality, security and value backed by dedicated support.

Volume Scale-01300px

Cost saving


RDC reduces the need for costly and time-consuming visits to local branches to deposit cheques

Reduce Risk-01300px



Scanned images meet all current standards for onward transmission to bank or switch.



Customer service

Consistent levels of cheque image scanning backed by trouble-shooting resources.



Your team

Frees up valuable resources and reduces your carbon footprint by avoiding trips to local bank branches to deposit cheques & cash.

Cheque Scanner Resources

We have created additional resources regarding our range of scanners, set-up and troubleshooting guides, please click on the link below for more information.

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