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Enabling growth and saving cost

High growth

We help SMEs achieve the operational efficiencies and insight to scale up or take advantage of opportunity, whilst minimising their risk or capital investment.

From quickly deployed automated solutions that deal with increases to volume, to a fully managed finance team that can free up cashflow with extraordinary performance reporting and insight. 

Cashflow? Volume? What is restricting your ability to scale up quickly?

Scaling up comes with many challenges, such as accessing consistent cashflow, enabling productivity drivers and maintaining customer experience.

Many of the business systems or transactional processes that were suitable for a small business won’t work when volumes increase. For example manual invoice processing and cash allocation may significantly restrict your cashflow if you’re unable to process higher volumes quickly and accurately.  Technology and automated systems can improve productivity and enable volume, but the necessary cashflow or capital investment may not be viable. 

Likewise recruiting or training staff and maintaining excellent levels of service may prove difficult in times of growth or expanded operations. Frequently businesses may also need access to ad hoc expertise or load bearing as their needs change.

Your Finance team may also inadvertently be restricting your ability to take advantage of opportunity. Or they may be exposing you to unseen risk. Full visibility and easy access to real time data and specialised knowledge becomes vital for growth. But this maybe difficult with certain legacy systems or with integration of multiple platforms as you grow. Or simply you may not be able to justify the headcount of specialists.

Compliance to changing HMRC mandates or sector regulation can also restrict growth and expose SMEs to risk. This can be compounded by mistakes from manual processes that buckle under increased volume.

The need to be as efficient and productive as possible is vital for growth, but it can be very complex, especially as requirements may change in different stages of growth. Agile, long term experts that solve these issues and are with you for the journey are crucial, and exactly what we offer you at Parseq. 


The challenges of scaling up and finance for high growth SMEs 

Volume Scale-01300px


Puts pressure on quality, productivity and efficiencies of scale.



Capital investment in vital technology and systems may not be viable.



Difficulty to see real time data, necessary to negate risk and take advantage of opportunity.



Inefficient processes or increased volumes make it easier to breach ever tougher legislation.


Customer Service

Mistakes and bad customer experiences from slow or inaccurate processes can sabotage reputation and growth.

Our capabilities

SMEs can scale up quickly with operational efficiencies and better visibility

Benefit from futureproof automated systems with no capital investment, and timely access to performance reporting and expert advise.

We can help you to scale up more quickly and easily, whilst improving your customer experience and minimising your risk.

We offer you the ability to benefit from immediate access to the technology, systems and expertise required to deal with increased volumes and improve productivity. For instance with our highly automated cash allocation system, we can allocate over 95% of your payments to customer accounts on Day 1, whatever the volume.  This means important cashflow won’t get unnecessarily trapped in a suspense or clearing account. You’ll get it faster and more consistently. You can also release your employees from mundane repetitive tasks and let them concentrate on revenue generation. 

If you expand to multiple sites or increase users, we can help you access and share documents more easily with our Online Image Repository. All your documents (paper or digital) will be scanned and indexed and readily searchable and accessible to you 24/7 on a secure, central online location.

We can also take the burden out of  producing management accounts, especially if you have complex or multiple accounts. We can produce it weekly or monthly with full transactional history, ensuring everything is compliant.  With our Management Accounts service you can get a consistent view of all your accounts irrelevant of software platform to get a real time complete picture. You can also have access to an extraordinary level of performance reporting, with customisable KPIs, budgeting and forecasting tools via our secure portal, so you can take advantage of opportunity and better minimise risk. 

If you want to improve your finance team’s ability we also offer you immediate and integrated access to credit management, payroll and HR consultancy. You get the expertise you need but in a flexible, scalable way that suits your changing requirements. You won’t have to worry about recruitment, training or justifying headcount. 

Whatever the complexities you face trying to grow, we can help make it easier for you. 

management accounts

Management Accounts

With comprehensive performance reporting and integrated forecasting and budgeting tools. Consistent view across multiple platforms. Fixed monthly fee.

Digital Mailroom-01

Digital Mailroom

Mailroom management and digitisation of all inbound customer communication for onward distribution, upload to online portals or relevant processing duties.

Credit Management-01

Credit Management

Full credit management services including invoice production, voice contact, query investigation and resolution to industry leading KPIs.

Payroll and Hr Admin-01

Payroll & HR Consultancy

Expert payroll processing of weekly and monthly, with timesheets allocated to projects or cost centres. Plus specialist advice.

Cash Allocation-01

Cash Allocation

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

Web enabled grey-01-01

Web Enabled Services

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

The benefits

Time and Cost-01300px


Save money

Economies of scale. Typically 20%. Plus no recruitment, training or housing of staff. 




Exceptional performance reporting with real time data, including forecasting, budgeting and KPIs.


No investment

Ready to deploy

Immediate deployment. No investment. Scalable and flexible. 




Increase cashflow to redeploy in opportunity

Reduce Risk-01300px



Full visibility.  Real time data. Enhanced compliance. Secure. Retain full control.

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