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Cash Allocation

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

cash allocation

Inaccurate or misallocation of payments restricts cashflow and harms service

Many organisations, like telecoms, utilities and financial services who receive large numbers of payments from customers, struggle unnecessarily to run large teams managing cash allocation, without the right technology to support them. Likewise, many high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) battle to match and allocate payments month-on-month with stretched and finite finance resources. This can make things complicated when simultaneously trying to grow their business.

With inbound payments coming in multiple formats, along  with ever-changing customer demands, the process to extract, match and allocate data is complex. Cash allocation, which is reliant on manual input and emails, is time consuming and subject to many errors. Misallocation or slow exceptions handling can increase clearing or suspense accounts, creating unnecessary debt management costs and crippling cashflow.

Additionally, brand reputation and customer service is compromised, becoming wrongly focused on missed payments and debt collectors when in fact payment has already been made.

Software that automatically captures data and aids the matching process in-house exists to address this. But the customisation, workflow and integration into systems can be complex and integrity questionable.

Fortunately, Parseq removes the burden of cash allocation and offers a comprehensive, automated cash allocation solution that offers real value quickly.

Key challenges of cash allocation

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and resource

Using manual processes, emails or mail is arduous, time consuming and inefficient.

Errors-01 300px

Costly mistakes

Manual input and processes risk high levels of error, and unwarranted debt collection.



Slow or inaccurate allocation increases clearing or suspense accounts and restricts cashflow.


Customer experience

Slow allocation and unwarranted debt collection causes customer issues.

Volume Scale-01300px

No scalability

HR cost and effort in peak periods.

Limited Insight-01300px

Poor visibility

Multiple systems can make it difficult to access critical information, increasing risk.

Our capabilities

cash allocation

Increase your cashflow and decrease your costs

Free up cash and resources with a highly automated, accurate and efficient way to allocate payments on the same day.

We have transformed payment allocation for multiple large corporations and high growth SMEs, improving cashflow, reducing costs and improving their customer’s experience.

We deploy intelligent technology to scan and automatically capture fields such as the customer name, total value and customer reference number, significantly reducing the time to do this versus traditional manual methods.

Our subsequent payment-matching rules and in-built learning capabilities provide faster matching and continual improvement over time, delivering incredible accuracy. This innovative system uses multiple data sources and analytics from customer behaviour to allocate payments into customer accounts and at invoice level. In addition to the data captured from scanning, these sources include debt books, invoices and previous payment history.

By combining bank data and validation data files with identified remittance criteria, we can match without manual intervention, which only occurs during limited instances of exceptions handling. This manual exceptions handling, means quicker possible resolution and another layer of integrity.

As a minimum, we allocate 95% of payments to customer accounts on day one at a 99.9% accuracy level. We work closely with our clients to identify the right solution for them, helping to boost customer satisfaction while delivering an average saving of 30% compared to in-house costs. For some clients this has translated into their clearing or suspense accounts being reduced by up to 50%, freeing up vital cash.

Whatever your cash allocation or cash management needs, we can help make it easier, safer and quicker.


Automatic match

Automatically captures data and matches bank data against validation files.

Exceptions Handling-01300px

Exceptions handling

Where non matches occur that cannot be resolved locally, requests are routed via email notifications and escalation rules.


In-built learning

Intelligent in-built learning capabilities, using information from multiple data sources.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Paper and electronic

Captures, extracts and matches remittance data in both paper and electronic formats.

Same Day-01300px

Same day allocation

95% payments allocated on the same day.

The benefits


99.9% Accuracy

Right first time

Less mistakes and exceptions, with built-in ‘learning’ for continual improvement.

Cost Saving-01300px

Cost saving

30% Reduction

Significant cost saving versus your current in-house costs.



95% Same day

Significant reduction of time to allocate.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px


Happy customers

Improved customer journey and satisfaction.




Easy access to visibility of true outstanding debt



Flexible and scalable

Accommodates any level of payments with no need to recruit or plan. 

Client testimonial

A very agile professional partner...

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