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Payment Services

Cheque Software including Fraud Prevention

Award winning cheque printing software. Patented cheque fraud prevention solutions. Cheque & cash deposit management systems.

Speeding up the production and processing of cheque payments in your organisation

Customers who rely on making and receiving cheque payments within their business processes face increasing costs and greater demands on internal resources.

Handwriting cheques takes time. which together with accessing necessary signatories to authorise the cheque payments can be an inefficient way for businesses to be processing payments Even when cheques can be produced using accountancy packages, fraud prevention features may not be present on existing cheque stock.

The physical, tangible document has long been a target of fraudsters. Traditional methods of cheque image clearing allows customers to simply take a photograph of the cheque to make a deposit. Their bank then does not see this physical document to decide if it is fraudulent or not. Bank-mandated covert and overt cheque fraud prevention features adopted to help deter fraudulent transactions meaning that only approved accredited security printers have been able to produce bank-approved cheques within the strictest specifications.  

However, even the simple image survivable features (ISFs) applied to cheques at time of print, can be fraudulently altered by those who are determined and skilled enough.

With the reducing bank branch network, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to visit local branches to deposit cash and cheques. This can be time consuming and dependent on available staff. Even low numbers of cheques received can prove challenging to deposit for organisations.

Key challenges of cheque software & fraud prevention

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and cost

Increased demands on internal resource and expenditure to produce or deposit cheque payments.

Cost Saving-01300px


Hard to justify investment in a declining payment method.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Ensuring cheques meet current standards and include bank-mandated ISFs.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px

Customer experience

Changing trends in customer payment processes.



Burden of paper and increasing pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of cheque documents.



Prevention of cheque fraud within the cheque image clearing system (ICS).

Our capabilities

Cheque software that meets your organisation’s cheque processing needs

Our cheque software solution experts can guide you through your options.

We understand the need to maintain cheque payments within organisations. Many see these ‘good old dependable cheques’ as an extension of the brand identity. The ability to print cheques in house remains an operational requirement. We have developed award winning cheque printing software, CheckPrint™ Solution, to enable businesses to produce cheques on pre-printed base stock, often pre-signed, in order to automate and speed up the process of creating regular, or ad-hoc, payments. Full reconciliation of payments is included within the software.

The cheque remains one of the safest forms of payment yet fraudsters will still attempt cheque fraud. Our long-established relationships with UK high street banks has enabled us to be at the forefront of cheque fraud prevention by adopting both covert and overt security features. 

With cheque image clearing now in place in the UK, Image Survivable Features (ISFs) are now bank-mandated. We have led the security print industry in this regard, working in close cooperation with DIA Europe BV, who provide the KappaFraud software solution behind the UK clearing system delivering comprehensive, automated forgery and counterfeit detection from cheque or giro images. 

Our cheque fraud prevention tools involve the addition of a simple Unique Coded Number (UCN), an alpha-numeric string printed on the face of the cheque at time of printing through to our patented encrypted QR code, UCN Plus®, developed in conjunction with DIA Europe that is added to business or ‘special’ cheques at the point of infilling. The UCN Plus® offers enhanced cheque fraud protection particularly when added to high value business cheque payments.

We recognise the demand to reduce overheads and streamline processes within any business. Our knowledge and expertise within the payment processing industry has seen the development of combined technology to capitalise on the cheque image clearing system, providing businesses with the outsourced, automated, cheque image scanning solutions they need. 

Our Banking Assistant software is a cheque and cash deposit management system that supports customers receiving cheque payments, (and wishing to deposit cheques remotely, depending on the individual bank or building society). It combines a desktop cheque scanner to capture the image and details from the cheques with a comprehensive software package that uses this data to:

  • Create and balance your batch for banking
  • Generate a searchable archive of cheque data and images for the cheque scanner

Our clients know they can rely on our investment and innovation in cheque processing services to handle any changes in volumes or industry needs in the future, whilst delivering real efficiency and added value.


Award winning

Software packages at the leading edge of the industry.

HR-01 300px


Dedicated software & scanner support team.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Comprehensive range

Wide choice of software packages and cheque imaging scanners to meet volume and operational requirements.


Fraud prevention

Patented cheque fraud prevention solutions.

No scalability-01-01


Software packages to suit operating requirements.

Realtime Dahboard-01300px

Payment reconciliation

Software for full daily reporting and reconciliation of cheque images.

The benefits



Flexible and scalable

Comprehensive range of cheque processing packages to suit cheque volume requirements.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px


Happy customers

First class products synonymous with quality, security and value backed by dedicated support.

Volume Scale-01300px

Cost saving


Software reduces the need for costly and time-consuming visits to local branches to deposit cheques.

Reduce Risk-01300px



Printed and scanned images meet all current standards for onward transmission to customer, bank or switch.



Customer service

Consistent levels of cheque processing backed by trouble-shooting resources.



Your team

Frees up valuable resources and reduces your carbon footprint by avoiding trips to local bank branches to deposit cheques & cash.

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