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Payment Processing Services

Charities/ Donations

Charity payment processing and response handling. High volume banking and thanking activities and Gift Aid digitisation

charity payment processing and response handling

Inefficient processing can waste your precious funds

We understand how important every penny is for a charity or organisation reliant on donations. The pandemic period and economic uncertainty has been especially challenging with rising running costs and decreasing donations. That’s why good charity payment processing and response handling is so critical. 

Inefficient processing or correspondence handling can sadly waste money and reduce funds from supporting good causes. With the increased number of payment methods, from cash and cheques to online payment methods and CAF cards and accounts, charity payments processing, charity response handling and accurate reporting has become far more complex for charities and fundraisers. 


Manual processing is slow, inefficient and open to costly mistakes that delay payment and restrict cashflow. Dealing directly with banks can be complicated and slow. Faced with increased staff and running costs, it can be expensive and ultimately take money meant for your cause.

Automation can significantly speed up processing and correspondence handling and reduce mistakes, but can be cost prohibitive and unfeasible for charities.

Fortunately, Parseq can remove these charity payment processing and response handling burdens with our charity payment solutions, allowing you to benefit from efficiencies without investment

Key challenges of banking and thanking for charities

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and resource

Using manual processes is arduous, time consuming and inefficient.

Errors-01 300px

Costly mistakes

Manual input and processes risk high levels of error, duplication and missed information.



Mistakes can delay payments and restrict cashflow.


Running costs

Running costs and staff costs are increasing and taking money from end causes.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Multiple formats

Multiple ways to donate mean added complexities and time and slower reporting.

Volume Scale-01300px

Peaks and troughs

Time and cost for staff during peaks and troughs is wasteful.

Our capabilities

charity payment processing and response handling

Reduce cost and maximise donations and cashflow

With quicker, cheaper payment processing and response handling, we can maximise your money and time.

We help several charities significantly save money and increase their ability to process more money more quickly with our established b2b payment solutions.

Working for major financial institutions and utility companies, we process over £36 billion of payments each year for our clients, so our charities share in this economy of scale to save money. With highly automated mail sorting, same day processing and payment allocation, it is quick and accurate and exceptionally secure to process b2b payments. We process all types of payment from cheques to CAF accounts, allowing you to offer more payment methods and maximise donations and cashflow.

We also digitise Gift Aid declarations so that you have easy access for reporting and HMRC compliance and can better maximise funds.

We can send ‘thank you’ letters and emails on behalf of our charities, with or without inserts, using templates and print if required. We have secure storage and fulfilment services so you don’t have to waste space, money or effort doing this. We can handle high volumes and scale up or down depending on your requirements year round. 

Whatever charity payment processing and response handling solutions you need, we will find a way to save you money and become more efficient.



Highly automated processing and systems.

Same Day-01300px

Same day processing

95% same day processing.

Digitisation-01 300px


Gift Aid digitisation and distribution.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Multiple payments

Multiple payment methods processed. High volumes and flexibility.


Thank you

Thank you letters & emails with or without inserts. Secure storage and fulfilment.

The benefits

Cost Saving-01300px


Save money

Reduced running costs and processing costs.




Faster, more accurate processing for quicker payment.




Accommodate any level of volume.



No investment

Benefit from speed and technology with no investment.

Same Day-01300px


Same day

Same day processing and same day despatch.



Increase methods

Offer people more ways to donate and maximise funds.

Client testimonial

From the outset, we had complete confidence in the team...

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