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Donation processing and efficiency solutions


We help charities save substantial amounts of money to spend on what matters – their missions.

From donation processing and supplier payments to campaign response handling, we provide a range of services to create efficiencies and release money from unnecessary, slow or time-consuming processes.

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Don’t let your processes sabotage your income.

We love working with charities because we know we are really helping them to save money to spend supporting their causes.

Working with several charities we understand the immense pressure there is to make every penny count. In times of economic downturns, when people have less money or the cost of living rises significantly, this is even more important. Donations are reduced; the cost of running the charity is increased and the causes suffer. 

Whilst automation can significantly help speed up donation processing, to access funds quicker, it can be too big a capital investment to justify. Without the internal expertise and workflow protocols it may also not be feasible.

Automation can significantly help speed up donation processing, to access funds quicker. However, without the internal expertise and workflow protocols it may not be feasible. Our secure print and payment solutions can provide a level of automation to enable you to make and receive regular or ad-hoc payments. More complex requirements can be processed through our Send-A-Cheque™ bureau service.

Donations and communications often come in a variety of paper, digital and other channels which need to be accommodated or income suffers and benefactors become disillusioned. Becoming PCI compliant and dealing directly with payment processors adds another layer of complexity.

Likewise, HR costs and dealing with campaign peaks and troughs can be expensive and unnecessarily wasteful.

Luckily, we understand these complex issues around donation processing and response handling and have a selection of services to provide real value.

The challenges of donation processing and response handling for charities

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and cashflow

Manual processing is inefficient and prone to mistakes. This restricts cashflow and access to funds.



In house servicing costs, such as staff, buildings and paper storage are rising considerably.

Volume Scale-01300px

Peaks and troughs

Staffing at peak times and between campaigns can be costly and wasteful.



The necessary tech for automation and digitisation maybe too expensive and complex to purchase.


Customer needs

Channels and formats for donations are changing and must be met, or income will be reduced.

Our capabilities

The efficiency and flexibility to maximise your income

From donation processing to improving efficiency of customer communications. We save you money to put to good causes.

Whilst we can’t increase donations, we can create efficiencies for you that saves money and improves your cashflow.

For some clients we do that by taking and processing payments across multiple channels and sending out ‘thank yous’ on their behalf, at a much reduced price. By using automated systems and protocols that allocate funds more quickly and more accurately, the savings and value is evident.

Fulfilment from our secure storage is done by hand, enabling the inclusion of non-paper goods. The economies of scale using our facility and our specialised fulfilment people, means a reduced service cost versus doing it in-house. It negates the need for storing goods or recruiting staff, both of which will save you money.

Whatever your specific needs we have the expertise to help you.

Digital Mailroom-01

Digital Mailroom

Mailroom management and digitisation of all inbound customer communication for onward distribution, upload to online portals or relevant processing duties.

Charities and Donations-01


High volume banking and thanking activities and Gift Aid digitisation.

Warehouse and fulfilment-01

Warehouse & Fulfilment

Modern, highly secure warehouse facilities.  Expertly staffed for all storage and pick and pack, and despatch needs.



Outsourced cheque payment service for low volume regular or ad-hoc payments.

The benefits


99.9% Accuracy

Right first time

Our technology increases processing accuracy, so more money clears quicker.



95% Same day processing

With levels of over 90% automation we process faster so you can get more money quicker.

Cost Saving-01300px


30% Less

The economies of scale, efficiency and automation of our services mean you could drive your current costs down by 30%



Without capital investment

We invest in the technology and systems you need now and in the future. So however your benefactors want to donate, we’ve got it covered.



To suit your needs

The staff and capacity to handle your campaign requirements at any time. No staffing and training concerns.




Handling your donations directly we ensure the highest levels of security. View our certifications here. 

Client testimonial

From the outset, we had complete confidence in the team...

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