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Send-A-Cheque™ Service

Secure outsourcing option for the production of your business cheque requirements.

send-a-cheque service

Producing cheque payments in an evolving digital environment can be costly

With the continued rise of digital payment methods, the demand and usage of cheques is no doubt declining. However, when making digital payments when bank account details are not available can be problematical. Indeed, organisations who are making payments such as remediation or one-off payments are faced with the issue of the ‘unbanked’ and those without bank facilities. For many a cheque can be the only form of payment capable of being processed. So for those that continue to use cheques, they remain an important and secure way of paying someone.

The introduction of cheque imaging has helped offset the shrinking bank branch networks so businesses can process cheques without having to go to the local branch. This ability to image a cheque is not without its complications though. Where previously banks would have seen the physical cheque and be able to assess whether it was a genuine document or that it had not been fraudulently altered, the new clearing system now deals with just an image of the cheque. 


In order to stay one step ahead of fraudsters, the addition of bank-mandated Image Survivable Features (ISFs), codes and marks that remain as part of the image and can be used to check the actual cheque content has helped to reduce the levels of cheque fraud so that cheques still remains one of the safest forms of payment.

The cost of running an internal finance department that produces limited numbers of cheques either on a regular or ad hoc basis can place a strain on company finances. In addition, amendments to existing cheque stock with the addition of bank-mandated ISFs can be presented as an issue to internal teams. High street banks are now setting dates after which cheques will no longer be processed without these fraud prevention features added. Amending existing cheque stock to accommodate these features can be challenging. Under current UK cheque printing rules, cheque layouts and personalisation can only be produced by approved accredited cheque printers.


Key challenges of producing cheque payments

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and cost

Using internal resource to make regular or ad hoc cheque payments is arduous, costly and time consuming.

No scalability-01-01

No scalability

Labour cost and effort in times of high payment numbers restricts scale and capacity.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Strict regulations surrounding cheque base stock printing and personalisation.


Capital investment

Cost of installing or maintaining internal cheque printing equipment

Our capabilities

A secure outsourcing option for the production of your business cheque requirements

From regular to ad-hoc cheque payments, we have you covered.

We provide a comprehensive cheque print bureau solution. 

Our Send-A-Cheque™ service takes away the burden of producing cheques internally freeing up time and resource. From one to 1,000s of cheques, we take your cheque data and offer you a choice of either printing the cheques and sending them back to you, or printing the cheques and mailing them out on your behalf. We can even add bank-mandated ISFs to provide added protection from cheque fraud.

The Send-A-Cheque™ service can be easily accessed on a regular basis, for normal, contingency, disaster recovery or any ad-hoc situations that present themselves.

Send-A-Cheque™ allows you to source securely printed infilled and signed business cheques without having to purchase and administer your own cheque printing software. 

In addition, we can save you time and cost, with no capital investment in cheque infilling equipment, where relatively low volumes of cheques are required. You will have the peace of mind that your business cheques will be managed and printed by an experienced team, on time, securely and trouble free.

The Send-A-Cheque™ service has the added advantage that cheque payments can still be made to individuals even when you do not have their bank account details to process direct payments but do have their mailing address. We can simply print and mail cheques to individuals from your supplied client data as required.

Our clients know they can rely on our print capability to handle any changes in volumes or industry needs in the future, whilst delivering real efficiency and added value.


Swift turnaround-01

Swift turnaround

Cheques printed and mailed in two-day cycle.



Regular or ad-hoc payment runs from one to 1,000s can be produced.

Cost Saving-01300px

Value Added Features

As quick and easy as making digital payments but with the added security of cheque features

Fixed cost-01-01

Fixed costs

Services at cost per cheque provide clear budgeting.



Complex technology is already in-house as well as staff expertise. 



Bank recommended ISFs can be added to all cheques produced to prevent cheque fraud.

The benefits




Flexible and scalable to keep pace with your business.



Simple set-up

Once set-up, simply send your cheque data and we do the rest.



Fraud Prevention

Enhanced cheque fraud protection with added bank-mandated ISFs.


Cost saving


Significant cost saving versus your current in-house printing costs.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px

Customer service


Send out customer payments even when you only have an address and no bank details.

HR-01 300px



Takes away costly repetitive tasks so your team can focus on important things and stay motivated.

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