Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Operational recovery planning solutions that are tailored to ensure your business continues to operate without disrupting your services.

Can your current recovery solutions survive cyber incidents?

Security threats and data breaches are growing in sophistication year on year. As a result, businesses that rely on traditional DR (disaster recovery) methods might find it difficult to survive such an attack. A disaster recovery site greatly reduces any risk to the organisation and eliminates the possibility of a devastating data loss incident or a period of downtime that could cripple your business. In addition, they can be used to ensure minimal data loss by replicating data from the main site using advanced cloud technologies.

The ability to maintain and implement a DR plan can be costly as it requires certain resources such as technology and site space. Developing a plan and maintaining the plan alongside your normal business activities can be difficult to integrate with production. Duplication of used software requires enhanced technological capabilities which requires expert knowledge to operate and implement. 

Investing in DR services will guarantee effective solutions that provide a ROI (return on investment) to your business. With the right provider this is possible by implementing the solution alongside your existing resources as soon as the issue occurs which will save you time to spend on your business growth.


Key challenges of disaster recovery

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and resource

Difficulty having ready to use resources quickly when a digial attack/network failure situation may occur.

Errors-01 300px

Costly mistakes

Traditional methods can harm your business and affect the customer experience.

Reduce Risk-01300px

Site space

Having dedicated DR space on your site can be costly.


Capital investment

Cost to buy and maintain technology that needs to be used as and when.



Difficulties with system integration and training.

HR-01 300px

HR burden

Cost and time for recruitment, training and compliance especially at peak times.

Our capabilities

Faster hassle-free ways to ensure ongoing services.

Ensuring that operations can continue regardless of any mishap or disaster with a proven track record of partnership approaches to planning and implementation.

We have over 45 years of implementing technical solutions that address our clients’ needs. Working with many large financial, utilities, telecoms, and SME organisations and more; we understand that each business is different and requires complex solutions that address each business function to enhance overall competencies. In doing this we can enhance business abilities by saving clients’ money, time and resources which will improve their customer experience journey.

We apply our expertise to our disaster recovery service. You can count on us to meet your DR and data resiliency requirements. If you need a backup solution for business-critical data or resiliency for an entire enterprise, we have the right capabilities. Whether you’re a small or medium enterprise or a multi-location business, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Our proven track record of providing solutions through outsourcing has allowed our clients to develop their customer experience model over time. As they grow, we grow our solutions tailored to them. Our relationship with our clients shows that we deliver and develop every step of the way. This is demonstrated through our awards including: Global Sourcing Association’s Best Company to Watch award. 

As a business we know that running a DR site ensures that operations can continue regardless of any mishap or disaster. Therefore, our DR space has the capacity for both operations and management support staff. We have a remarkable track record of deploying and managing technological solutions and services across multiple platforms and industries.



Integration of our resources with your software with fast data replication.


Capital investment

Advanced servers for your data with strict secure storage services. 24/7 security with regular backups.


Lifecycle management

Automated disaster recovery mock drills and capturing feedback to ensure ongoing service.



100% cloud-based contact centre—all infrastructure becomes more efficient, flexible and scalable.  

Multiple Formats-01300px

Plan development

Expert disaster recovery planning. Practical continuity advice and guidance on critical processes and documents. Online or bespoke. 



Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs assure strict levels of compliance and regulation are adhered to. View our certifications here.

The benefits




Real time monitoring and predictions to manage DR and resiliency.




Immediate integration incase of network failure or cyber incidents resulting in zero service disruption.

Cost Saving-01300px


Time and money

No peak time/down time costs.


Capital investment


Available space and technology with advanced trained management. 




 Secure compliance of storage and access requirements.




More time to focus on your core business activities. 

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