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Insight and efficiency for growth and risk management

Equity/venture capital firms

We help those with a portfolio of businesses get vital insight and efficiency for growth and risk management.

A range of finance and accounting services from management accounts with performance reporting to credit management and payroll.

Does your finance and accounting capability restrict your growth?

Without real time financial data and transparency across all your businesses, your ability is restricted. The vital means to react quickly to  opportunity or to de-risk is compromised. Cashflow maybe unnecessarily restricted. The true level of debt or risk may not be visible.

However, with a portfolio of businesses or complex reporting requirements, this puts significant demand on the time, resource and ability of a finance team. As a result you simply may not get what you  need when you need it. Or you may face errors or compliance issues.


With a shortage of accounting, credit management  and payroll skills in the market, the ability to upskill and onboard may take considerable time and cost you don’t have. 

Technology that automates and speeds up routine processes could help. As could technology that gives more granular information. However understanding what you need and being able to invest in it, train and get pay back with time confines may not be possible or provide real value.

However, in such a competitive market, where value management and cost efficiency is critical, a solution for timely financial information, significant cost saving and real insight is vital.

Key challenges of finance and accounting for equity and venture capital firms.

Limited Insight-01300px


Difficulty obtaining a  consolidated view across multiple accounts



Time and resource spent on non-income generating activity.

HR-01 300px

Limited ability

Access to expertise in key areas may be limited or cost prohibitive.


Capital investment

Investment in necessary technology unfeasible to recoup cost before exit.



Cashflow and ability limited by lack of real time granular data, or slow financial processing.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Risk increased by lack of real time granular data or expert people.

Our capabilities

Vital insight and efficiency for growth and risk management.

From exceptional performance reporting to time saving and large cost efficiencies.

We offer a range of services to drive value, optimise opportunity and get a clearer more accurate and timely view of risk.

We can save you significant time and money by preparing your accounts with our Management Accounts service. The proprietary technology we use can also provide you with deeper business insight, allowing you to customise a range of reporting, forecasting and budgeting tools.

You will have access to real time data and a consistent view of all of your businesses across multiple platforms, irrelevant of software. An incredible time saving ability, that gives you real transparency and the ability to see opportunity or better assess your risk. 

Our credit management service, uses the same insightful technology, and credit management experts to drive down debt and maximise your cashflow. With automated routines from invoice production, resolution and query management with in-built learning to improve over time.

Economies of scale and saving can also be achieved with our payroll and HR admin service. No more recruiting and training costs. Easy access to expertise with no investment, easy to scale up or down at any time depending on your needs. 

By outsourcing some or all of your Finance and Accounting services to Parseq, we can help drive your value management and let you concentrate on maximising your investments and exploiting your opportunity.

management accounts

Management Accounts

With comprehensive performance reporting and integrated forecasting and budgeting tools. Consistent view across multiple platforms. Fixed monthly fee.

Credit Management-01

Credit Management

Full credit management services including invoice production, voice contact, query investigation and resolution to industry leading KPIs

Cash Allocation-01

Cash Allocation

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities

Payroll and Hr Admin-01

Payroll & HR Consultancy

Expert payroll processing of weekly and monthly, with timesheets allocated to projects or cost centres. Plus specialist advice.

The benefits

Time and Cost-01300px


Save money

Economies of scale. Typically 20%. Plus no recruitment, training or housing of staff. 




Exceptional performance reporting with real time data, including forecasting, budgeting, KPIs.


No investment

Ready to deploy

Immediate deployment. No investment. Scalable and flexible. 




Increase cashflow to redeploy in opportunity.




Full visibility.  Real time data. Enhanced compliance. Secure. Retain full control.

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