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Improving cash management and communications


We help telecom companies transform for the future, significantly improving the efficiency and quality of payment processing and correspondence handling.

From processing payments and allocating funds across multiple channels, to streamlining customer communication and back office efficiencies, we deliver improved cashflow, customer satisfaction and compliance.

The need to transform quickly and securely has never been more important

The overwhelming demands and changing requirements of the last couple of years has put immense financial pressure on telecom companies. It has driven a fundamental need for business transformation and major efficiency.

Rapidly shifting behaviours have affected customer communication and correspondence handling and highlighted quality and volume issues, along with debt management and cashflow. Inaccuracies and misallocation of payments, if not dealt with, can create significant suspense accounts, affect credit ratings and trigger unwarranted debt collection.  

In a highly regulated market and one with multiple disruptive new entrants, this can have serious implications on churn and compliance, in addition to unnecessary cost.

Manual processing is arduous, time consuming and error laden, wasting money and precious resource. Digitisation is critical but any solution must also deal with how customers want to communicate, such as paper. Understanding what technologies and workflows to use can be complex and capital investment may make it unfeasible. 

The pressure to find effective solutions that can be implemented quickly and securely is paramount.

Key challenges of payment and communications processing for telecom companies



Failure to match invoices to payments increases suspense accounts, triggers unwarranted debt collection and restricts cashflow.

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and cost

Manual processing is inefficient and prone to costly mistakes and in-house service costs are increasing.


Customer experience

Competitors are eager to take customers from you that have experienced bad service or slow processing.



Tougher regulation punishes errors and slow processing.



Avoiding data breaches and IT security is paramount.

Volume Scale-01300px


Peak demand increases staff and the HR burdens to deal with recruitment and training.

Our capabilities

Significantly improve your efficiency and cashflow

From better payment allocation to improving customer service and communication. Our solutions can transform your ability to compete.

Our experience of working with Telecom companies over the last 20 years has shown we can help them in many ways to reduce costs, streamline processes and provide real value quickly. They also use our technology and meticulous protocols to reduce risk and guarantee compliance.

In addition to fast payment processing, we offer automated matching and validation to significantly increase the speed and accuracy of allocating payments received from customers. This has proven to  to reduce clearing or suspense accounts by up to 50% and dramatically improve cashflow. All without the need for capital investment or taking the risk of investing in the technology themselves.

Additionally errors can be significantly reduced, radically improving customer experience and negating the need for unnecessary debt collection and further cost or the wrath of regulators.

Our back office solutions can help to digitise customer communications and reduce the burden of paper. Our automated scanning and extraction can speed up the process, dealing with immense volumes at peak demand to ensure excellent customer service.

Whatever your specific need, we have the solutions and protocols to integrate seamlessly into your systems and the agility to provide real value quickly.  

Digital Mailroom-01

Digital Mailroom

Mailroom management and digitisation of all inbound customer communication for onward distribution, upload to online portals or relevant processing duties.

Credit Management-01

Credit Management

Full credit management services including invoice production, voice contact, query investigation and resolution to industry leading KPIs.

Cash Allocation-01

Cash Allocation

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

BACS end to end-01

BACS end-to-end

Full BACS payment instruction and processing, along with enhanced validation for multiple customers. 

The benefits


99.9% Accuracy

Right first time

Our technology increases accuracy but our exceptions protocol near guarantees it.



95% Same day allocation

With levels of over 90% automation, payments  are allocated the same day.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px


Better communication

Less mistakes, unwarranted payment chasing and quicker resolution makes happier customers.



Reduced suspense account

Substantially reduce your suspense account by up to 50%.

Time and Cost-01300px

Cost & efficiency

Save money

Significant savings versus in-house costs, with faster results. No capital investment.



Always safe

Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs assure strict levels of compliance. View our certifications here.

Client testimonial

Streamlined digital processes that create exceptional value.

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