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Providing value and process efficiency

Public sector

We help the public sector transform their processes for better efficiency and customer service.

From quick payment processing and challenge resolution of Parking Penalty Notices, to centralising and digitising important documents for immediate access, better compliance and carbon reduction. 

How do you transform and improve when your budgets are reduced?

Having worked  with many public sector organisations for over 20 years, we understand their main challenge is always to deliver services better, quicker and cheaper. But as budgets are constrained and our population’s need increase, the pressure to do more with less resource, means that challenge becomes exceptionally difficult.

Many, who seek to reduce costs associated with their huge volume of transactional processing, are looking to address back office efficiencies. However, frequently they have old legacy systems that aren’t able to support the necessary capabilities or volumes. Nor do they address their customers digital needs and their changing ways of interacting without significant investment, which is likely unfeasible.

Additionally, there are far more compliance and fraud issues to deal with that requires more technology investment and expertise.

 Manual processes are more likely open to errors and inconsistencies which can increase risk and seriously impact customer experience. Misallocation of money received against an invoice or fine may begin a cycle of unwarranted debt collection or a late payment to someone who desperately needs it. It also restricts cashflow so money can’t be spent where it needs to be. 

Most organisations are also trying to minimise their environmental impact and reduce carbon. Inefficient workflow or processes can increase impact, such as using, storing and transporting large quantities of paper documents. However, moving solely to total digital channels alone won’t solve the problem, especially when customers still want to use paper and other means of communication. Needing to deal with both paper and electronic formats adds another layer of necessary complexity. 

Fortunately we can help public sector organisations overcome these issue and give them a quicker and easier way of transforming their processes to improve customer experience and compliance, whilst saving money.

The challenges of transactional processes and digital transformation for public sector organisations



Expected to do more on less budget, with no capital investment. Increased running costs.


Customer experience

Inability to deal with  changing customer needs and ways of interacting.

Exceptions Handling-01300px

Legacy systems

Current systems and technology not suitable for future needs.

Errors-01 300px


Manual processing is inefficient and prone to mistakes, increasing risk to customer experience and compliance.



Failure to match invoices to payments increases suspense accounts and restricts cashflow.



Inefficiencies affect environmental impact and carbon reduction.

Our capabilities

Improve your customer experience and your capability whilst saving money

From quicker payment allocation to faster query resolution or document sharing. Our solutions can transform your ability to serve the community.

With our technology, workflows and protocols, we can create efficiencies that unlock cash for you to lower the cost to serve the community and improve their experience.

We can help you increase your cashflow. With better payment allocation, utilising an automated process to match and reconcile payments accurately and quickly, we have helped some of our clients reduce their clearing or suspense accounts by up to 50%. We deal with both paper and digital formats, to ensure however your customers want to communicate or pay, then can.

In doing so, errors were significantly reduced, radically improving customer experience and negating the need for unnecessary debt collection and further cost, or delaying payment to those that need it.

Our Parking and Fines solution has helped many public sector organisations significantly reduce cost and time of payment processing and communication handling.  Challenges too are immediately flagged and centralised in one place online for quicker resolution. 

We have helped housing associations and other public bodies dealing with contracts and paperwork that needs to be accessed easily and shared, reduce the burden of doing so. We can digitise document and index both these and other digital files centrally on our Online Image Repository. 

From there documents can be immediately accessed,  annotated and shared by multiple users across multiple locations. Our clients not only find it easier to comply to laws and regulations  and provide better service to customers, but they have reduced their carbon impact and saved money on storage and distribution facilities. 

Since we invest in the technology required to digitise or process your transactions and communications, you can benefit from them without the need for capital investment and maintenance. We ensure easy integration into your legacy systems, creating the necessary workflows and protocols to make it simpler. 

Whatever your specific needs, we are confident that we can help you to transform more easily and serve the community better, quicker and cheaper. 

Digital Mailroom-01

Digital Mailroom

Mailroom management and digitisation of all inbound customer communication for onward distribution, upload to online portals or relevant processing duties.

Online Image Repository-01

Online Image Repository

Image Repository for multi user / multi location access.  Ability to download, annotate, share or print documents.

Cash Allocation-01

Cash Allocation

Multiple payment channels allocated to appropriate customer accounts through automated or manual activities.

Parking and Fines-01

Parking and Fines

From receiving and processing payments and fines, to dealing efficiently with challenges and process communication, and transforming to digital systems.

The benefits

Cost Saving-01300px


Cost and time

Our highly automated systems save you significant time and money. 


No investment

Easy integration

We invest in the technology so you don’t have to. Future proof customer interactions.



Access money

95% payments are allocated the same day for quicker clearing/payment and better cashflow.

Customer Satisfaction-01300px


Happier customers

Less mistakes, quicker processes and more money to spend makes happier customers.




Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs assure strict levels of compliance. View our certifications here.



Reduce impact

Reduced environmental impact through digitisation and process efficiency.


Case study

Automated invoice processing delivers cost reduction for Kirklees Council

Kirklees Council were looking for ways to reduce their operating cost due to tightening budgets and increasing financial pressure. They’d identified the back office as an area of potential opportunity for further savings, in particular the management of their financial processes.

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