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Mental Health Awareness Week

We’re supporting Mental Health Awareness Week. Our Mental Health First Aiders only qualified two months ago and here they reflect on what it means to them.


Basil Nyoni - Mental Health First Aid

Basil Nyoni

Client Operations Manager

“I found the Mental Health First Aid training inspiring. I now feel privileged that I’m able to help my colleagues, family and friends whenever they might need me. It really is all about recognising that someone might need support especially in today’s fast-paced world.

I already feel like I’ve made a difference over the past few weeks. Campaigning for mental health for all is needed and Mental Health Awareness Week plays a huge part.”



Linda Trembath - Mental Health First Aid

Linda Trembath

Payroll & HR Administrator

“Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Now I’m a Mental Health First Aider I recognsie that more than ever. The training was just the start, we’re now here to support people who need it.

Mental Health Awareness Week provides us with an opportunity to speak even more openly on a subject that we’ve all hidden away from for too long.”



Natalie Truelove-Fairest - Mental Health First Aid

Natalie Truelove- Fairest

HSE Operations Manager

“Investing in Mental Health First Aid is critical. I’m proud to be working for a business that’s behind Mental Health First Aid Englands much needed campaign for all.

The training covered so many areas of mental illness and the potential impact is greater than I could have ever imagined. It has made me realise that even without the training you can make time and just ask how people are. Sometimes that might be all it takes.”



Steve Bilton - Mental Health First Aid

Steve Bilton

Team Manager

“I’m a team manager at Parseq and I interact with a lot of people every day. Now I’m a Mental Health First Aider it has given me the confidence to spot signs that I might have previously missed.

It’s also time for the stigma that has been associated with mental health in the past to disappear. Mental Health Awareness Week is certainly helping.”


Read more about our investment in training and development here

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