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Parseq supports Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

We’re proud to support the Mental Health Foundation on Mental Health Awareness Week, taking place between 10-16th May 2021. This year’s theme is nature and how forming a connection to the natural world can hugely benefit our overall mental health. Our Mental Health First Aiders would like to share some helpful tips they have adopted during the pandemic to help them connect with nature and the great outdoors to help protect their mental health.

Natalie Truelove-Fairest mental healthNatalie Truelove-Fairest

Head of Facilities & HSE

“Flowers always lift my mood and I regularly make sure I have a fresh bunch on display. Having plants and flowers in the house can really help bring nature into your home so you can have something natural to see and smell every day

“Having nature in your home can be as invigorating as spending time outside. I’m delighted that Mental Health Awareness Week encourages people to share their experiences with nature.”





Linda Trembath mental health

Linda Trembath

Payroll and HR Administrator

“Spending time in the garden can really help your mental health. Growing plants or vegetables as well as seeing insects and animals in their natural habitat helps create a sense of calm and joy in the world.

“During lockdown and working from home I watched two blackbirds visiting the garden every morning often sharing a piece of apple.  This small contact with nature always makes me smile and gives an escape from the uncertainties of the pandemic.”




Basil NyoniBasil Nyoni mental health

Account Manager

“It’s been a huge help spending quality time outdoors with my family. Being outdoors is now part of our daily life as it helps us to be free, to reconnect and appreciate each other. Taking breaks away from my computer and being outside walking puts me in a good space. I would advise everyone to do the same.

“Mental Health Awareness Week gives people the opportunity to share stories and experiences on how connecting with nature can help others.”





Steve Bilton mental health

Steve Bilton

Team Manager

“Since the beginning of lockdown in March 2020 I have been going on regular, long walks through the countryside. Walking frequently has several health benefits as it can help improve your mood, the quality of your sleeping pattern, reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

“Surrounding yourself in nature by getting fresh air on a regular basis has a number of benefits to your mental health. Going on regular walks has helped me through the pandemic and will now become part of my lifestyle.”




Janice EllamsJanice Ellams mental health

Keying, Coding & Training Manager

“I’ve really enjoyed the benefits of regular outdoor exercise in my free time. Jogging on a regular basis has given me a fantastic release during the pandemic. Taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors is the best way to start the day, clear your mind and reflect.

“Finding new ways to connect with nature has been a huge help to me and can provide a number of mental and physical health benefits. It’s recently inspired me to participate in the Alzheimer’s Society Jog on Dementia, completing 26.2 miles and raising £300 for a charity very close to my heart.”


Parseq is committed to the wellbeing and welfare of our employees and we continue to reaffirm our dedication to providing Mental Health First Aid for all.

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