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Parseq invest in 16 Mental Health First Aid Responders

We’re supporting World Mental Health Day and continue to advocate mental health for all in the work environment.

Our commitment to investing in mental health means a lot to us as 16 employees across our business undertook their Mental Health Responders training with St John’s Ambulance at the end of September.

Our newly qualified mental health responders, Donna Cooke, Jayne Wordsworth, Joanne Brookes, Katie Herlihy, Tracy Moore, Kate Brooks, Liz Brown, Bill Johnson, Ben Corbett, Robert Vacarusi, Jayne Wilson, Sarah Hall, Katarzyna Drost, Fran McIntyre, Ian Leggott and Nichola Parker will work alongside our four fully qualified Mental Health First Aiders to provide a support network for all our employees.

We will continue to invest in mental health training with the aim of having 20% of our workforce trained in mental health first aid over the coming years.

Some of our newly qualified Mental Health First Aid Responders share their thoughts on what this means to them and how their training in Mental Health First Aid can benefit our people at work.

Joanne Brookes mental health

“I found the mental health responders training both inspiring and rewarding. I feel it will help me recognise when a colleague, a member of my family or friend will need additional support.

It’s important to check in with your work colleagues and loved ones regularly. I hope I can make a difference for anyone in the workplace that is struggling with their mental health.”

Joanne Brookes
Operations Manager


Robert Vacarusi mental health

“After my mental health training and putting the last 18 months into perspective, I now realise how important our mental health is. The training was beneficial and I’m ready to support people in the workplace who need it.

World Mental Health Day gives us all the opportunity to reflect and speak more openly about our mental health struggles that we may have kept under wraps for a long time.”

Robert Vacarusi
Trainee Management Accountant



Sarah Hall mental health

“Providing mental health assistance in the workplace is critical and I’m proud to work for a company that is committed to supporting the wellbeing of all its people.

Campaigns such as World Mental Health Day and Mental Health Awareness Week will help erase some of the stigma attached to mental health and highlights how important it is to check in on each other regularly.”

Sarah Hall
Head of Compliance




Bill Johnson mental health

“I manage a large team in my role at Parseq and I interact with a lot of people. The mental health responder training will help me spot signs that someone may be struggling with their mental health that I may have previously missed.

It’s made me realise that even the smallest gestures can be a huge help. A polite greeting and smile and making time to ask how someone is could help someone that is struggling open up and share their burden.”

Bill Johnson
Team Manager





Read more about our investment in training and development here

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