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National Apprenticeship Week 2018 – what’s all the fuss about?

National Apprenticeship Week (#NAW2018) provides a great opportunity to celebrate the value apprentices bring. Amelia Broughton joined Parseq last year as a marketing apprentice and is studying towards a digital marketing qualification.

In just six months she’s been immersed in Parseq’s marketing campaigns and has a flare for all things digital. Here we catch up with Amelia to see what the fuss is really about as she shares her apprentice story so far #NAW2018.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship & what are you studying?

I’m studying a Level 3 in Digital Marketing with Baltic Training. The course is all online which consists of online classrooms, an online platform to submit work, support calls for assessment briefings and progress monitoring. It’s the first time I‘ve worked in such a virtual way and I’ve been really surprised at how engaging it is.

I chose an apprenticeship as I believe gaining experience in a working environment is key to helping build skills and attributes in the subject area as well as developing as a person.

How are you finding the course with Baltic Training?

The course with Baltic Training is engaging, interactive and very interesting which I love. I feel a sense of achievement after finishing a week’s training as I learn so much. I definitely find the subjects valuable and helpful towards my job role at Parseq.

What’s it like working at Parseq?

Parseq is a great business where I’m surrounded by support. My line manager is a brilliant mentor and is helping me progress in the work place both as a student and as an individual.  I’ve also been able to participate and contribute towards some fantastic campaigns and events which I have really enjoyed.

Is the apprenticeship what you were expecting?

In all honesty, my apprenticeship with Parseq and Baltic Training is better than I expected. It was hard at first as I needed to adapt to having a full-time job which I haven’t done before. After a few weeks, I adjusted, settled in and I felt a lot more at ease. I was then able to really focus on my understanding of marketing and now I’m continuing to develop knowledge and skills across different areas in my job role and on my course. I feel a big sense of achievement to see how far I’ve come.

What are the main skills and attributes you have gained?

My self-confidence has rocketed and I now really do believe in myself. I have gained problem solving, teamwork and communication skills and they are all helping me on my journey.

What would you say to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

Do it! It’s a great experience and one that I would recommend. Getting a qualification and the benefit of work at the same time is priceless.

And what do you like doing in your spare time?

I love to spend time with my family as they are very important to me. I also love to travel, explore different places, attend concerts and spend time with my friends.


Our marketing apprenticeship is just one of the apprenticeships that we have here at Parseq. We’ve had huge success across a number of disciplines such as finance and IT resulting in significant opportunities and career progression.

We’re proud to be part of #NAW2018!

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