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My journey at Parseq: meet Jana Samochinova

Jana Samochinova

The quality of our solutions and services is all down to the talent, commitment, and dedication of our team members.

This week, we were lucky to speak with one of those amazing individuals, Jana Samochinova, Solutions Consultant in our solutions team in Hellaby.

Since joining the company more than four years ago as an agent, Jana has progressed rapidly in her career, working her way up to her current role and achieving recognition from across the business along the way.

Here, she tells us about that journey, her biggest achievements so far and what she’s looking forward to in the year ahead.

What has your Parseq journey looked like so far?

I started at Parseq in 2019 working in a data capture role, which was a new experience for me. Right from the start I was working on important projects, most notably as part of the team supporting a major high street bank.

This position gave me real responsibility, very early on – something that really helped me rapidly develop my skillset. It led straight into a helpdesk role where I was solely responsible for helpdesk enquiries, investigating and solving them as soon as they came in and helping build trust with clients.

After several years of hard work, lots of support from my colleagues, and moving through a number of roles across the business, I’ve progressed to my current position of Solutions Consultant. In this role, I adjust the parameters of our bespoke programmes for clients when there are changes to a project’s existing scope.

This means collaborating closely with different teams, effectively communicating any changes, and methodically analysing data. It’s a role that lets me get immersed in strategy and commercials, and that gives me great perspective across our entire business as I must closely co-ordinate with our operations team, project managers, and our technology specialists to meet client requirements.

What has been your proudest moment working at Parseq?

So many to choose from!

If I had to pick one moment, it would be when I had the opportunity to work with external auditors for the first time, a real challenge considering English is not my native language.

I delivered a comprehensive presentation on how our services worked, which was well received as it exceeded their expectations. The auditors had a lot of questions which I was able to help answer comprehensively, and they gave excellent feedback.

Additionally, being awarded a Certificate of Excellence in recognition of my commitment and diligence was truly gratifying. Having managers and senior leaders celebrate your work is one of the best things to happen at a company.

My promotion to Solutions Consultant after that confirmed that I was on the right track and gave me a profound sense of achievement.

Jana Samochinova

What do you enjoy about working at Parseq?

I love working at Parseq. I don’t know how many people genuinely look forward to coming into work every morning, but I do. My work is extremely rewarding, and I have a fantastic team of supportive colleagues around me. Importantly for me, the company has a culture of continuous learning and development, which has been instrumental to my growth.

Perhaps what I enjoy most is the sense of belonging. No matter where we work in the business, or in which office around the world, Parseq always makes me feel like I’m part of one big team.

I was also really impressed that Parseq provided mental health training, which has enhanced my communication skills and sensitivity. I believe this is something that every company should be doing, and I find it encouraging that empathy is a core value of Parseq.

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

This year I’m eager to immerse myself in my role as a Solution Consultant, hopefully surpassing expectations and continuing to contribute to the success of both our clients, and the Parseq team.

Deepening my understanding of our industry, pursuing additional certifications, and personal growth are my key priorities for the year – something I know I can achieve thanks to the culture and values we share. Above all, I’m excited to continue working with so many great colleagues and being part of something bigger.

I’m still only getting started and there is a lot to learn, but I can’t wait to see where the road ahead takes me.

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