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How automation transformed the customer experience and claims form processing



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Westfield Health has been dedicated to making a difference to the lives of their customers and communities for over 100 years. They deliver evidence-based wellness solutions to develop healthier communities, workplaces, and individuals. The company believes that healthy people are happier and more productive, so they aim to inspire businesses and individuals to make healthy choices.

In addition to offering access to valuable health and wellbeing services, Westfield Health also provides health cash plans that allow individuals to claim money back on the cost of essential healthcare.

The challenge

Westfield Health needed a partner to manage their mail and claims form processing capabilities. They receive mail either by post or digitally in many varied forms, including claim forms, cheques, invoices, and emails, which were all manually classified to the correct department. Classifying data from digital documents by hand was particularly time consuming and often imposed errors during data extraction.

The level of manual intervention in their previous process was unsustainable for their business, affecting operations, potential opportunities, and risk management. This adversely affected the customer experience and visibility across the journey.

With the help of advanced automation capabilities, the client was hoping to save time, avoid processing errors, and improve the process by using a local supplier with excellent logistics capabilities.

The solution

We provided dedicated PO boxes with secure access to a major Royal Mail sorting office so that daily mail collections could be completed at the earliest opportunity. Once received, the mail was processed in our secure post rooms located in Hellaby, Rotherham. The mail then was sent to our data capture area to extract the data from paper documents using tried-and-tested optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR). Our digital mailroom processes applied algorithms that interpret and categorise key information at each stage which significantly reduced the level of manual intervention required overall.

Parseq implemented a dedicated case management system portal which hosted the information and gave the client full visibility of all images and associated data, as well as instant access 24/7. The portal was broken down into sections by splitting up each category of correspondence to speed up the process and avoid any duplication. All items are digitised and uploaded to the online portal at 300dpi scanning quality for 24/365 access.

Using our customised online image repository with Westfield Health branding, the client could search, view, annotate, print, email, or share files and manage, move, and organise documents easily. This meant multiple users could easily access documents from multiple locations with different personalised logins and permissions, depending on their needs. All items were set to be securely destroyed after a three-year retention period which was agreed with Westfield Health during the initial stages of the project.

Any error or exception was reported to the client which could easily be viewed on their portal. We manually reviewed these to enhance the chance that they can be resolved manually. To speed up the process, we set up email and escalation rules with Westfield Health so we could direct any exceptions to them for further manual resolution.

  • Reduced the processing time by two FTE’s.
  • Moved 100% of claims form processing to online, previously 87%.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint for the client as majority of claims are now processed online.
  • A flexible and effective document classification and routing system using AI and OCR, with the option of reclassifying any document within a mailbox.
  • Added facility to support redirecting mail to relevant teams where necessary.
  • System that sends notification of posts on the same day they are received.
  • Westfield Health then send customers SMS messages as soon as the mail is received. This gives customers the peace of mind that their order is being processed.
  • Ability to rescan documents through the customised web portal by removing any low-quality images and then replacing them with the updated version.
  • Applied three bespoke workstreams to categorise documents under the following: claim forms, other mail items and confidential other mail items.
  • Ability to search by digital image to support the customer experience when providing processing timeframes.
  • To prevent duplication the web portal locks items that are selected for management review.

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