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Digital Back Office

Digital mailroom solutions that improve operational efficiency and data visibility

By Craig Naylor-Smith, CEO, Parseq.

Many businesses are still engulfed by high volumes of inbound mail whether that be a myriad of paper or digital documents. This could be customer correspondence, application forms, invoices, statements or payments to name just a few, but it’s the handling of such magnitude which presents the challenge to many organisations.

Typically, companies depend on manual processes that are time consuming, labour intensive and open to error. It makes their data inaccessible for longer, puts them on the back foot and ultimately brings the customer experience into jeopardy.

Our high security digital mailroom solutions are a proven way to reduce the exhaustive burden of inbound mail and documents whilst significantly cutting operating costs.

Our ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant digital mailroom operation transforms and streamlines inbound mail by offering automated mail sortation, opening, scanning, indexing and data capture. This can eliminate hard copy and digital correspondence from moving around businesses, and in turn, reduces the number of documents being mislaid or not actioned.

Process efficiency and automation

We utilise tried and tested OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology to initially extract data when originated in the paper form. We then apply algorithms within the digital mailroom process that interpret and categorise key information at the earliest opportunity.

With in-built tolerances, we develop confidence levels throughout the data processing cycle, for example across identifiable phrases, document recognition and points on a page. By capturing agreed categories which are tailored to the client’s requirements such as “complaints,” we identify data automatically and turn this data layer into dynamic, useful information that helps to maximise the customer journey.

Real time data visibility

We transform digital documents using metadata and paper-based documentation becomes fully digitised. We then host everything on our secure, fully searchable online portal. This provides complete visibility of all images and associated data as well as instant access 24/7. With personalised user logins and an option for a branded interface, it provides our clients’ employees everything they need at their fingertips.

Output data files are also generated and securely transmitted in order to ensure smooth processing downstream. The critical updates to the client’s system that follows, enables the removal of repeat and potential wasteful activity which is no longer necessary such as further customer contact, therefore heavily reducing the cost to serve.

On the front foot

We offer dedicated PO boxes and have secure access to a major Royal Mail sorting office, meaning that we are able to collect our clients’ mail at the earliest opportunity each day. Our fleet of 4×4 vehicles safeguard against adverse weather conditions.

Digital mailroom delivers up to 30% savings

Every year we receive 27 million mail items, digitise over 70 million documents and host 108 million images on our online portal. Operating at over 90% levels of automation and 99.9% levels of accuracy, means we can help clients deliver an average saving of 30 per cent compared to in-house costs. By blending our onshore, nearshore and offshore model, we not only facilitate economies of scale, but provide a load balancing, 24/7 operating platform.

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