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Contact Centre Services

Web Enabled Services

Providing an optimised and seamless interface with consistent tone and response times across the board. Varying from apps, web, social media and email.

Inconsistent quality and response times across channels can harm your brand

Digitally savvy customers are no longer satisfied with just phone and email support and are even less happy with inconsistent quality and response times between channels. Channels now go beyond voice. To excel, advisors must move seamlessly from one communication channel to another. 

It may take a considerable amount of time for managers and advisors to be able to use new technologies. The same advisor who may be good at selling over the telephone may not be able to send emails and conduct online chats, which rely on speed and accuracy. 

With customer service platforms increasing, and with ever changing customer demands, the process to exceed expectations can be complex. To keep up with response time expectations, adding AI systems to your contact centre can lower customer wait times when getting back to customers instantly. However, the workflow, protocols and expertise required to make it work is complex, especially dealing with communication in multiple formats and ever changing customer needs. 

Choosing a good partner is essential. We can help you turn your customer experience into you biggest strategic asset by enabling a true omnichannel strategy across your web enabled services. 

Key challenges of web enabled services

Time and Cost-01300px

Time and resource

Greater time and effort to switch between channels if not blended.


Technology adoption

Training for new techologies.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Difficult to get customers to provide confidential information.


Capital investment

Cost to buy and maintain technology across different web platforms.



Difficulties with systems integration and staff training.

Limited Insight-01300px

Poor visibility

Multiple systems can make it difficult to access customer information, increasing risk to service.

Our capabilities

Blended solutions to enhance the conversation

Stretching your customer services reach to online platforms can expand your market sectors and increase your customer retention. 

Our web enabled services offer cloud-based technology to ensure timely analysis of business statistics, advisor performance, and business efficiency. We use this to shape the customer experience. Combining online and voice technologies, we can provide a continual out of hours service, keeping your customers happy. We use intelligent real time management information for total visibility to improve efficiency.

We have become experts in multichannel customer interaction. This means that our contact centre capabilities also include apps, web, social and email to SMS and voice which all means we’re available to readily respond to your customer demands and customer communication preferences. We demonstrate appreciation of their channel of choice which builds stronger relationships and opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell. 

Our capabilities performed by our experienced and expert staff remove the burden of training and technology implementation. We deliver this at a fraction of your current in-house costs. We use our dedicated IT department on site and a designated disaster recovery site should there be network failures or software crashes. You can rely on us to provide reliable and secure technology with frequent maintenance testing.

Our data capturing allows better analysis and understanding of customer interactions across all available channels. As a result, we can understand what type of skill set advisors will need today and, in the future, using customer insights. 



Unified experience regardless of channel to boost sales and leads. 

regardless of channel

Multiple Formats-01300px

Social media management

Direct messages and comment management through various social media channels.

Digitisation-01 300px

Web chat

We reduce queuing time by resolving queries quicker.



Email support ensuring all messages are responded to promptly.

Realtime Dahboard-01300px

Real time dashboard

Cloud based data to make efficient decision making to improve the customer experience.



Secure across each platform. View our certifications here.

The benefits




Real time data. Monitored reporting to enhance solutions. 




Tap into new market segments to increase revenue.

Cost Saving-01300px


Time and money

Fast set up by reducing the gap between web tech and training.



What you need

Flexible service according to your needs and operations.




Managing all channels seamlessly: voice, emails, web chat and social media interactions.

HR-01 300px


Results focused

Expert advice to customers to boost acquisition and retention. 

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