The start of Parseq’s future generation

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The start of Parseq’s future generation

In April 2018, Parseq’s new development programme took off, giving skilled advisors the chance to gain a level 3 qualification in team leadership.

Here, we speak to Luici Mitchell who Joined the Parseq family in June 2016. Luici, from our Glasgow site, shares her insight around the first stages of the programme.

What does your job role involve?

As an Employment Advisor, I help people out the best I can by taking inbound calls. I also work in our contract checking team and take part in outbound activity, welcoming new members and ensuring that existing members are kept up to date with their membership services.

What’s it like working at Parseq?

Every day is different. I’m always learning something new which is very beneficial for my development and for my future. I’ve also met so many good friends who I see outside of work too. I love it.

Why did you apply for the Future Leaders programme?

I want to move my career forward into a management or leadership role but without this kind of experience, I was nervous to apply for these types of positions. Now this programme will provide me with the confidence to go for it which is great!

What’s your experience of the programme been like so far?

I was a little anxious at first but mostly excited. However, after our first training session, I felt a lot more at ease as we went through the steps involved and what we could expect next. I’ve found the programme interesting as well as enjoyable. I can already see things from a leader’s perspective and I’m now eager to get stuck in.

How will you utilise the programme now and in the future?

It will allow me to enhance my training and coaching knowledge, as well as developing my approach to different situations. Ultimately, I would like to transfer any new skills into a management role at Parseq.


Luici certainly sounds like she’s off to a cracking start! To find out more about our ‘Future Leaders’ programme, please click here.

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