Making Payments

We are trusted to provide secure, accurate payment services to the UK banking, corporate and SME communities. Through our systems, payments are processed with a value exceeding £15 billion annually.

Our solutions provide services to make BACS payments for payroll, supplier and ad-hoc purposes, with BACS payment processing and contingency services being a core activity in the Parseq business for over 25 years.

We are trusted by the UK banks and more than 75,000 of their customers to deliver over 24 million sensitive, time critical payments accurately and on time every year.

As a long established and highly commended BACS accredited bureau, we offer traditional bureau services for BACS credits, Bank Grade services for banks to process BACS credits and a range of contingency payment services for when the unexpected happens.

Benefits at a glance

\ Submissions are made and validated by secure password controls and authentication processes, ensuring that payments are safe.

\ Sophisticated processing engines check and validate all submissions, alerting Parseq’s payment processing team of any exceptions.

\ Printed or electronic audit reports are supplied to verify customer submissions.

\ All payments are submitted to BACS using Parseq’s BACS Accredited Bureau Service. Our submission software submits encrypted data over a secure connection directly to BACS.

\ Debits/Credits are simultaneously processed on the agreed date ensuring payments are made accurately and on time.

Customers who manage their payments in-house, either directly or through a third party application can also experience system failures; from hardware failures to locked users or malfunctioning token devices, preventing payments from being made.

Our Rel@y Contingency Service ensures that you and your beneficiaries remain unaffected and payments can still be processed on time.

Benefits at a glance

\ On-demand payment submittal service, no need to schedule.

\ Fully RTI compliant, meaning that you will not be penalised by HMRC.

\ No upfront or on-going maintenance costs.

\ Pay as you go payment options; only pay for the services that you use.

\ UK-based help desk offering knowledgeable advice and reassurance.

\ Same day payments available to suit your business needs.

\ Universal – one solution that is bank and sponsor agnostic.

\ Ability to process both debits and credits, with multi-format submission types.

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