Workflow Management

Workflow covers a wide variety of tasks from production lines in a factory to logical structures in automated processes.

Many variations of workflow exist and can be utilised to asses streamline and control process. Digital workflow has the advantage of doing all this with visibility of volumes and process metrics for items enabling the foundation for process improvement.

We partner with a number of 3rd parties who offer different variations on workflow, from complex off the shelf AP workbench solutions to basic electronic image penetration systems, the selection of the system to use is solely based on the requirements of the client and in some cases the selection is not limited to 1 system, however the below represents a flexible system used today.

Design Business

\  Multiple drag-and-drop design environments including browser, Visual Studio and desktop-based tools

\ Collaborate by sharing designs across K2 design environments

\ Quickly assemble apps with an extensive list of out-of-the-box events and tasks

\ Extend any K2 designer to include domain-specific functions and steps

\ Save workflow steps as a template that can be reused across applications

\ Start process instances based on events that occur in a line-of-business system or application upon receipt of a form, email or document

\ Start a process as part of a step in another workflow

\ Schedule recurring processes

Business Logic

\ Use advanced routing to include rework, parallel, sequential or conditional routing

\ Escalations, including email, “go-to” and custom escalations, can be added to any user task

\ Use K2’s extensive list of Inline Functions to include calculations and formatting

\ Save the configuration of commonly used functions for reuse across applications


\ Use K2 SmartObjects to integrate workflows with any line-of-business system

\ Out-of-the-box wizards for Active Directory and Exchange to create and manage user and email accounts

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