Invoice Processing

Our invoice processing service offers a modern and effective method of capturing both paper and electronic invoices with in-built technology designed to ‘learn’ over time to improve match rates and cut down on manual intervention.

Our service captures, encodes, validates and integrates with all leading ERP engines to remove your manual processes, apply heightened rigour in the process and deliver consistent, high quality results to you every time.

High level Process:

\ Capture and extract invoices in both paper and electronic formats

\ Automatically match Invoices against Purchase Orders and Workflow Errors or exceptions

\ Apply appropriate G/L coding to invoices where necessary

\ Where non matches occur that cannot be resolved locally requests are routed via email notifications and escalation rules.

\ Same day upload of all images (including PO’s, Invoices, Cheques, Remittances etc..) to Parseq ‘Cloud based’ image portal.

\ Full reporting and KPI suite updated in real time to assess and manage transaction processing time scales and volumes.


\ Reduction in processing costs by leveraging Shared Service infrastructure & modern workflow based technology

\ Enhanced automation and consistency in matching process improving accuracy, speed and quality

\ Standard integration with most leading ERP software (SAP, Oracle, JDE, Sage, Microsoft etc..)

\ In-built and demonstrable ability to improve match rates by learning over time.

\ Audited transaction history of each invoice

\ Enhanced governance to reduce exception handling and processing errors

\ Reduction in management of paper, storage and distribution

\ Real-time access to data and key performance indicators (KPIs)

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