Document Management

Our high security document management solutions are a proven way to reduce the paper intensive burden of your inbound mail whilst reducing your operating costs. Our teams can improve your back office processes by increasing efficiencies and streamlining tasks, saving you both time and money.

Our ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant digital mailroom operation transforms and streamlines your inbound mail by offering automated mail sortation, opening and scanning. This reduces the number of hard copy correspondence moving around your organisation and in turn, reduces the number of documents mislaid or not actioned.

We have developed our own tried and tested OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technologies which can read both printed text and handwriting, so can detect key information such as the sender and intended recipient’s name, reference numbers, and any other key information you require. The relevant employee or team can then be notified of new mail which can be accessed through our secure online portal, or directly via secure transmission, such as SFTP. As well as named recipients, OCR and ICR can detect key words such as “complaint”, or “invoice” meaning that correspondence reaches the correct team faster through fully auditable workflows.

We offer dedicated PO Boxes, and have secure access to a major Royal Mail Sorting Office, meaning that we are able to collect your mail at the earliest opportunity each day to start your scanning. Our fleet of 4×4 vehicles ensures that come rain or shine, we are always able to collect and scan your mail, even if weather extremes dictate that Royal Mail are unable to deliver it.

We currently sort, open and scan over 150,000 items of mail per day at our 55,000sq ft facility in South Yorkshire, and have the capacity for over 80 million items per year. Through economies of scale alone, clients who currently use our Document Management solutions have experienced an average 35% cost saving compared to in-house costs. This is in addition to other high value expenditure such as maintenance, development, upgrades, and even temp staff to cover seasonal spikes in volumes. We have already invested heavily in state of the art equipment, software and staff so that you don’t have to.

To find out how we might help or for a copy of our brochure please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.