Credit Control

Managing credit is critical to ensuring accurate and appropriate cash flow within your organisation. Our current clients view us as an integral part of their team and trust us to manage Credit Control on their behalf.

We offer a Business to Business Credit Control service where we manage Credit Control on your behalf. An agreed SLA framework rewards us when your debtor days are within, or above agreed levels and equally penalises us when they fall below agreed levels.

As such we have been able to offer services to customers that have demonstrably taken their outstanding debt from over 35% to less than 2% within 6 months and maintain it at that level.

From your point of view it allows you to work closely with the Parseq team as if they were a function within your own business, but leverage the benefits of experience and expertise of a set of professionals who focus solely on Credit Control and adherence to agreed Service Levels.

To find out how we might help or for a copy of our brochure please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.