Archive Scanning and Indexing

Storing and retrieving hard copies of documents offsite can be an expensive and time consuming operation, whilst storing onsite can take up an immense amount of space and make searching for a particular document difficult.

Parseq can improve your archive processes by offering an instantly accessible, searchable online storage facility for your documents, protected by the most powerful digital security measures available.

Trusted by many, including high street banks, our archive scanning and indexing solutions offer a cost effective, efficient means for document storage and retrieval.

We can mass scan your current archive, no matter the size in a format of your choosing and continue to add to your archive whenever required. Our in-house OCR technology means that all of your documents are instantly searchable for faster retrieval, including data heavy spreadsheets, through to text heavy documents.

ISO:9001 and ISO:27001 (information security management) compliance means that you can be sure your documentation is in safe hands.

To find out how we might help or for a copy of our brochure please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.