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Secure print services: Maximising the security of your documents with secure print production

secure print solutions

The print industry continues to experience a period of unprecedented change as more organisations move to a
paper-less environment. Raw material and energy costs have put severe pressure on the secure print production of documents.

However, for those who want to retain a physical tangible item, the printed document remains a vital and important element in an organisation’s processes. In addition, the need to protect this output from fraud means introducing ever more sophisticated security features to ensure that the printed document stays one step ahead of the fraudsters.

As an expert in this field, we understand the importance of fraud deterrence and prevention, our secure print productions produces millions of securely printed documents each month from our fully accredited, secure print production facilities.

We process over 117 million secure printed items each year on behalf of banks, building societies, financial institutions, utilities, Government, charities and both blue-chip organisations and SMEs here in the UK and worldwide. Many organisations have been using our print capabilities for over 30 years.

We provide a comprehensive range of secure printed documents ranging from cheques and credits to ballot papers and educational certificates. Our secure documents include both overt and covert security features such as watermarks, holograms, special inks, microtext depending on customer specific requirements.

As organisations look for ongoing cost-savings, we can provide secure print solutions to enable outsourced production of key secure documentation, freeing up vital internal resource and avoiding the necessity of installing both print hardware and software on site.

We deploy the latest litho and digital print capabilities to ensure that your print requirements are produced quickly and using the most cost-effective print process. We can accommodate short and long run print requirements together with any specialist finishing for items within our secure print production operations.

The benefits of our secure print solutions

Our document output



Bespoke items securely printed



Reduction in certificate fraud



Secure print experience

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