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All the essential capabilities for cheque image capture

TellerScan® TS240

The TS240 incorporates the features that banks are looking for in a cheque scanner: fast to deploy, easy to install, easy to support, and a fool-proof design. Ideally suited for remote deposit capture (RDC), teller capture, and branch back counter capture.

Combining high speeds with an affordable price, the TS240 is available in speeds of 50, 75 and 100 documents per minute.

Key Features

Available in speeds of 50, 75,or 100 documents per minute 

Polymer rollers for more durability and better feeding 

Optional single-line inkjet endorser (Uses MS0083 ink cartridge)


Dual-adaptive MICR read 

Best Read® technology with multiple image capture 

UV model available

Quality Construction

TellerScan® TS240 – Our Best-Selling Multi-Feed Scanner Ever

If you’re looking for something beyond a single feed cheque scanner, the TellerScan® TS240 provides a great entry level multi-feed, high-speed cheque scanning option. With the capacity to handle stacks of up to 100 cheques and documents, it saves time and improves the user experience.

As our longest-serving multi-feed scanner, the TS240 focuses on a simple, durable design that delivers extreme reliability and a superb maintenance record. Most of our first TS240 scanners sold are still in use today! It was designed for easy operation, is simple to maintain, and is compatible with a series of modular plug-ins for card reading and receipt printing.

Over the years, Digital Check have increased the throughput of the TellerScan® TS240, added easy-to-clean polymer rollers, and developed a package of image-capture and enhancement software to produce the clearest images possible. The TS240 is the scanner of choice for many of the largest banks around the world.

Your Image Is Everything

We Use the Advanced Image Technology to Deliver the Best Quality Scan

Guarantee the Best Image

Capturing a quality image is the top concern in electronic cheque clearing, and we’ve enhanced the TellerScan series several times to help you get the best image possible. Digital Check’s BestRead® Software captures four versions of each item and intelligently selects the best one. Our Special Document Handling is a powerful tool that provides the user the ability to eliminate virtually every known image exception, producing the highest CAR/LAR. And Clear by Digital Check® allows you to repair the most difficult to image items like money orders with a simple click-and-drag process.

The World’s Most Popular UV Scanner

The TellerScan® TS240-UV was our first cheque scanner to feature a camera for capturing ultraviolet security features. It can capture both UV and optical light in one pass, without reducing its rated speed. Banks all over the world have made the TS240-UV their scanner of choice for reading UV on cheques, money orders, and all other secure documents; and it captures in both UV and visible light at once without any significant loss of speed!

Scanner Specifications

Unit Dimensions

Height: 19.05cm (7.5″)

Width: 28.19cm (5.10″) 

Length: 12.95cm (11.10″)

Weight: 2.4kg (5.20lbs

Scanner Speed

Three speeds available: 5075, or 100 documents per minute

Operating Systems

Windows 11

Windows 10 (32 / 64 bit)

Mac OS*

Linux OS*

*(Contact Parseq Scanner Support for specific versions supported)


Rear endorser: 96 dpi, 1 line

MICR: E13B and CMC7 (auto-detecting)


Operating power: 45 W

User Guides

We have brought together our extensive knowledge and expertise together with that of Digital Check, our cheque scanner partner and largest world-wide manufacturer to provide a comprehensive resource for any organisation investigating cheque imaging, cheque scanning or remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions.

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