Team manager, Donna Bonser, has become the first member of Parseq’s finance and administration team to gain Black Belt status through the firm’s investment in Six Sigma training.

And she’s not stopping there – she plans to go all the way to the top and become a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Bonser, who has been with the firm for more than 10 years, says: “I love learning so when the Six Sigma training was mentioned I was one of the first people to put my hand up to start.

“I’ve really enjoyed the training. It’s fascinating. Six Sigma gives you the tools you need to analyse situations differently and react more productively and effectively. It’s training that directly impacts and improves my day-to-day job.”

Bonser was one of the first members of the team to start the Six Sigma training – one of a number of programmes offered by the finance and administration division following Parseq’s investment of £1m into the development of its 2,000 employees and to improve client processes.

The Black Belt Champion adds: “I started my training in June last year and before I knew it I had my Yellow and Green Belts and I was working towards Black Belt accreditation.

“I plan to work towards a Master Black Belt accreditation in the future, but for now I want to start putting more of my Six Sigma skills into practice. My team is already using some of the principles I’ve learnt from the training and we’ve been exploring the new processes which we could put into practice to improve the services we offer our clients.”

Parseq’s investment in Six Sigma started last year following a pledge to train each and every member of its finance and administration management team. Since that time, the number of employees receiving the training has doubled.

To date 20 members of the team have achieved Yellow Belt Six Sigma status, six have gained Green and one has been named as a Black Belt.

One of those Green Belts is Craig Smith, managing director of finance and administration.

Smith adds: “We’re very proud not only of Donna, but of the whole team who have taken part in the Six Sigma training. They’ve all worked incredibly hard and really embraced it. What’s more, our clients have responded to it positively as well. They can see the potential it offers and we’re looking forward to putting our learnings into practice with them.

“Six Sigma is just one of the programmes we’ve put into place. As a business we are committed to not only developing the skills of our employees, but also continually improving our client processes so they can reap the rewards in the successes we deliver through our services.

“We are an ambitious business with plans for significant growth. Our investment to enable our employees to excel in their role and provide our customers with exceptional service will further secure our position as the leading provider of business services.”