Parseq, a leading business services provider, has joined a partnership between Barclays and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to train 16,000 individuals in lifesaving CPR.

Barclays’ #16in16 campaign aims to provide vital CPR training to more than 16,000 of its partners’ staff. The campaign follows on from Barclays’ 10in10 campaign which saw the bank train 10,000 of its own colleagues with the life-saving skill.

Every year more than 30,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of hospital in the UK, but sadly less than one in ten people survive.

As part of the campaign, the BHF has developed a new innovative model of CPR training called ‘Call Push Rescue’.  Using a self-directed learning film and an inflatable manikin to practice the techniques on, trainees can become self-sufficient in lifesaving skills.

Parseq, one of the first companies to sign up to #16in16, will support the campaign by committing to train each of its 2,000 employees across offices in Rotherham, Sunderland and Glasgow.

CEO of Parseq, Tony Strong says: “When we were approached to join the #16in16 campaign by our clients, Barclays alongside the British Heart Foundation, it really wasn’t a difficult decision for us to make.

“The stories the British Heart Foundation shared with us were incredibly moving and they really brought home just how valuable a skill CPR is.

“The reality is by giving our 2,000 employees CPR training they may one day be able to save the life of a colleague, loved one, customer or even a stranger in need of help.”

In addition to taking part in #16in16, Parseq has pledged its support to raise funds for local schools to receive CPR training. For just £100,000 Barclays and the BHF will be able to provide 20,000 pupils with the tools and knowledge needed to save a life.

Strong adds: “This year we announced a pledge of £1m in the training of our workforce, but it’s near impossible to put a figure on how valuable it is to train your employees to save lives. We’re delighted to be taking part and passionate in supporting this campaign to fight for every heartbeat.”

Parseq employees will begin their #16in16 CPR training from 26th September.

For more information about the #16in16 campaign click here.