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Outbound Contact Centre

Providing your customers with expert bespoke outbound contact centre solutions on time and within budget.

Customer acquisition can take time and ongoing capital investment

In today’s world, it’s harder than ever to gain and keep the attention of customers. The cautious nature of customers makes them difficult to reach and even harder to win over. 

An outbound contact centre can help businesses engage their prospects and customers actively to boost their sales. As opposed to waiting for customers to contact an advisor through a website, outbound marketing actively involves contacting customers directly. If your communications with your customers are timely, personalised, and contextual, you will be able to maintain a strong relationship. 

A variety of factors affect customer contact volume, which can cause surges or drops. Paying for excess seats during busy periods can impact your bottom line. IT departments, face increased demands and costs when handling peak call times inhouse. In addition to the strain on your IT department they have to keep up with the advances in tech. Outbound advisors can expect several software upgrades per year instead of just one or two. Making these types of investments can be costly.

To advance business goals, you need to add value to the customer experience during every connection. For your outbound communications to succeed, they must be efficient and effective. Having data available to advisors allows them to up sell and cross sell during each conversation. By tailoring outbound calls to specific customer journeys, organisations can anticipate their clients’ needs and look to increase market share. Once the sale is complete, keeping the communication open fosters customer retention following acquisition. 

You can guarantee your customer experience offering is unique by developing helpful solutions that compliment each other seamlessly. This will give your business the competitive edge to grow.

Key challenges of outbound calling

Time and Cost-01300px

Data insights

Inadequate access to customer journey data.

Errors-01 300px

Costly mistakes

Lack of trained advisors can miss sales opportunities.

Reduce Risk-01300px


Risk of a customer data breach.


Capital investment

Cost to buy and maintain technology.



Difficulties with existing CRM system adoption. 

HR-01 300px

HR burden

Cost and time for recruitment, training, and compliance.

Our capabilities

Outbound services designed to convert the conversation

Fully trained advisors who utilise advanced technology and processes to secure your sales opportunities.

Our wide range of outbound contact centre services include lead generation, market research, telemarketing, debt management services and third-party verification processes.

Through each of our outbound services, we encourage customer feedback to generate a dynamic profile of your customer. We use this data to create a personalised customer journey. We are passionate about anticipating your customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

No matter what stage of the sales journey your customer is in, we build open lines of communication and a better customer experience. This encourages customer loyalty, which in turn, increases your opportunity for sales. 

Growing your business starts with meaningful connections. Our advisors are fully trained in providing personalised human customer service that gets results. Our team carry your brand values and people-centred approach in every interaction they have, ensuring a consistent service across every platform.

We’re experts in attracting customers to your brand through promotional campaigns. We work hard converting quality leads to increase your profit. We then qualify your leads and find the correct solution, no matter how quick the turnaround. 

Our solutions are the perfect way to secure your competitive advantage


Lead generation

Campaign management. B2B and B2C sales,  cross-sell and up-sell methods.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Market research

Customer surveys and feedback to grow service. 

Digitisation-01 300px

Performance monitoring

24/7 immediate access to documents and data on a highly secure portal.


Customer acquisition

Acquisition, debt management, appointment setting and third party verification.

HR-01 300px

Quality management

Monitoring all interactions between customer and advisors on all channels. 



Fully trained to handle sensitive customer data. View our certifications here.

The benefits




A real-time view allows management to resolve issues before they affect service levels.




Accomodate any level of volume, especially peak times. 

Cost Saving-01300px


Time and money

Significant reduction of time and cost to set-up. Resources ready to use. 

Customer Satisfaction-01300px



Providing your customers with service excellence through dedicated management. 



Highest standards

Secure procedures across all platforms. View our certifications here.



Guaranteed SLAs

Ongoing solutions to meet client expectations. 

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