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Senior Leadership Team

Lee Howitt

Finance Director

Lee is the Finance Director at Parseq and is responsible for both the financial and HR functions  at Runcorn, Hinckley and Lisburn.

Lee has gained considerable experience throughout his career within security print both in his current role and also in previous organisations. He delivers effective financial leadership and his strategic approach has ensured both value generation and business growth whilst maintaining a strong cost base to deliver profitable results

By closely aligning operations with key customers, Lee has successfully brought the knowledge of his relative influence and outlook within the operating environment. By engaging with staff on a regular basis and rewarding success where it is due, Lee’s strong leadership ensures that change and future direction of the business has the buy-in of key stakeholders.

Lee joined Checkprint Limited in 1997 which became a Parseq company as part of the TALL Group acquisition in 2023.

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