Strategic client partnering and significant investment across IT, infrastructure and training, generates a year on year £2.7 million EBITDA increase in 2017. Combined with ranking 15th position in Insider’s 100 fastest growing companies in Yorkshire, the firm is set for its continued growth trajectory and 2022 vision.

The challenges faced by our clients, particularly around compliance and customer engagement, has seen Parseq’s investment programme further develop its machine learning capability and applied technology. In addition, a number of people initiatives have resulted in further development of its 2,000 strong workforce.

Parseq works with leading blue-chip clients across the banking, utilities, telecoms and local authority sectors. Rami Cassis, Executive Chairman & CEO of Parseq, commented on the company’s growth, “By listening to our clients, we believe we are investing in areas that will meet their future requirements without compromising today’s services.  However, this is not all about investment for the future. In 2017, we got the basics right and set the company on a trajectory for sustainable organic growth that is manifested by our strong financial performance in 2017.

“Agility, robustness and innovation is critical. Focusing on the customer experience and being quick (but considered) in deploying some of the emerging technologies are the key attributes to delivering superior services to clients. Data will increasingly become the key enabler and is central to our 2022 plan.”

Investing in the people agenda has also seen additional management training in Six Sigma which builds on the company’s roll out last year. By the end of 2017, Parseq aims to have 24 green belts and three black belts trained to Six Sigma standards, holding up best practice and setting a benchmark for lean delivery.

During the summer, the company also launched the AIR initiative which provides a structured framework for rewarding staff on an improvement and achievement basis. The key is constantly raising the overall proficiency and skills so people remain equipped to deal with whatever the future holds.




Parseq is part of Parabellum Capital, an independent investment fund managed by Rami Cassis.