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Parseq’s Head of Client and Business Development goes back to the floor

Harvey Hieke is responsible for multiple client relationships across financial services, utilities, telecoms and the public sector. With over 30 years’ experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), he works with clients to improve operational efficiency and the customer experience.

Yet today he’s right back at the start of his career.

With his sleeves well and truly rolled up, Parseq’s Head of Client and Business Development goes back to the floor as he joins the payroll processing team.

Business Process Outsourcing - Harvey Hieke

Q: Tell us a little bit about your back to the floor experience

A: It was very thorough and certainly took me back. The team manager, Steve Bilton, explained the end-to-end process before I became a team member for the day.

I had an insight into every aspect including customer payroll submissions, scheduling payments, reconciliations, validation, security checks and controls. This also extended to inbound and outbound helpdesk support which clearly remains a popular channel of choice for customers.

The technology that sits behind the submissions process automatically reads as much as possible and forces fundamental checks at key milestones. That also meant it was hard for me to go wrong. A big relief for me and the team!

Q: Did you learn anything new?

Business Process Outsourcing - Harvey Hieke

A: I’d say yes but in a different way. We’re always developing solutions for clients that are underpinned by automation, machine learning and OCR technology. I spend time with our IT Solutions Director, James Grindle, most days exploring ways to drive efficiency gains for clients.

Today I’ve seen this from the other side. I’ve been in the live environment and experienced first-hand how that technology works in practice. It really does bring it to life.

Q: What impressed you the most?

A: I was really impressed by the level of security and in-built steps for fraud prevention. The combination of technology, intelligence, matching and controls works seamlessly. Given Parseq’s certifications and highest levels of compliance standards, I didn’t expect anything less. We’re continually handling customer data and sensitive information, and in today’s world it’s critical.

The staff make the real difference. They have a phenomenal skill set and are an asset to the business. They’re knowledgeable, have the customer at the forefront and can apply every single process inside out. They did a brilliant job of keeping the customer informed, being proactive and also offering reassurance. All very slick.

Q: Did you enjoy it?

Business Process Outsourcing - Harvey Hieke

A: Loved it. A completely different day to my current day job but similar to where I began in the outsourcing world. Being part of the team and knowing you’re processing the payroll for around 5% of the UK’s workforce makes it feel real.  

Q: Will you be changing roles any time soon?

A: After today, I wouldn’t mind putting my keying skills fully to the test. I could even try and reach my previous speeds of 28,000 key strokes per hour.

You’d also have to ask the payment processing team if they’d have me. I received some positive feedback so never say never but I was referred to as the disruptive one. I could always offer a spare pair of hands at month end.

Q: How will your ‘back to the floor’ help you as the Head of Client & Business Development?

Business Process Outsourcing - Harvey Hieke

A: Having a step by step understanding, I’m now able to answer questions throughout the entire process. This is vital when working with clients and identifying how we can deliver to meet their business needs.

It will also enable me to look at continuous improvement and introducing any further innovations following my Lean Six Sigma training.

A big thank you also goes to our payment processing team, and especially Steve Bilton,  for supporting back to the floor! 

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