Focusing on the human aspect for a seamless TUPE transfer

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Focusing on the human aspect for a seamless TUPE transfer

Being part of a TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking Protection of Employment) can feel like a daunting process, especially for the people directly involved. Naturally, nervousness can be created as well as a number of burning questions.

So how do you make any form of TUPE transfer, large or small, a success?

At Parseq we focus on the human aspect. This might sound like we’re stating the obvious, but going through such a significant change can end up being driven by legislative requirements rather than people engagement. We have an exceptional track record of employee retention during TUPE and beyond. This means a lot to us and our clients as a seamless transition is critical to the customer experience.

TUPE centred around employee engagement

Here we catch up with Parseq employees, Mark Lonie, Reem Kidane and Henna Riaz. They have all been through TUPE transfers during their careers and more recently when they joined Parseq.

Mark is an operations manager and has over 10 years of experience in customer contact. He manages a team of 67 people and has now been with Parseq for over a year. Henna and Reem are employment advisors and work within Mark’s team. They were also part of the same TUPE transfer.

Hearing about their experiences and what they found including a few surprises along the way, really does bring to life the importance of being people centric.

Mark Lonie, Operations Manager

When you’re already established in a business there is potentially a lot of change during a move to a completely new company. I often compare this to a tree with many roots that are already planted and intertwined across the organisation. By uprooting the tree, you need to make sure the branches come with you, and when it’s replanted the right level of care needs to be given to make the tree grow. All sounds a little trivial but it’s true.

Leading a team during TUPE is no easy task, especially when I’ve also found myself going through the process at the same time. I did find that people were nervous and so was I to be honest. The fear of the unknown can play a huge part but what made a big difference this time with Parseq, was their commitment to making this all about people. They put all of us first right from the very beginning.

There were lots of channels of communication so it was always open. We met the senior management team on several occasions way in advance of the transition and regular advisor forums worked well for raising and answering questions.

As with any big move there is always a settling in period. There were lots of new systems and technology for everyone to get the hang of, but I can honestly say that because Parseq wanted to focus on 100% people retention they supported us all through it. This has been the most effective TUPE I’ve gone through and we’re now over a year in. Our teams are performing and this comes through in the results we’re generating for our client. I have no doubt that there is a clear link between our levels of employee engagement and customer experience.

I’m proud to be part of it and to be leading a growing team!

 Reem Kidane, Employment Advisor

Being made to feel welcome was the biggest thing for me. Before we even started working for Parseq we were given tours of the office space and the building. It was really good to walk around the facilities and to see our new working environment. That way we knew what to expect from day one at Parseq.

One of the main differences I’ve found working here is the level of support and that’s in many ways. There are teams dedicated to resource planning, training, development and management information so it feels like everyone contributes their expertise.

There is also a strong culture of progression and being able to improve yourself, more so than I’ve had before. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and my recent experience is testament to this. I’ve recently been promoted which didn’t come easy as I really had to put the effort in but now I’m being rewarded for it. I find my role extremely satisfying, particularly as I know I’m making a difference to people’s lives.

From the beginning of the TUPE transfer right to the present day, I’ve felt valued which goes a long way. And so did the Parseq cupcakes baked by one of our new colleagues on our first day!

Henna Riaz, Employment Advisor

I’ve been working on the same client over the past two years and during that timeframe I’ve also experienced TUPE. Whilst TUPE can be quite difficult, I feel that I’m actually benefiting from the change. Since moving over to Parseq I’ve been able to develop my omni-channel experience, so as well as telephony I’m often answering customer enquiries by email or engaged in webchat. It’s a completely different skillset but the training I’ve received has meant I’ve been able to progress.

People can often view TUPE negatively but my experience has been really positive. Yes, we did have a few teething issues but that’s to be expected. If there were things that didn’t work quite right, even months into being at Parseq, we would raise in our employee forums.

The bit I really like is the focus on team and teamwork. A welcoming and diverse culture where we like to have fun. This ranges from the summer events and Halloween activities to bake sales and pub quizzes. It’s been the small touches that have had real impact. What did feel like a potentially nerve-racking change has in reality been far better than I could have expected.




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