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Digital Back Office Services

Digital Mailroom

Outsourced mailroom management and digitisation of all inbound customer communication for onward distribution. Upload to online portals or relevant processing duties creating the ultimate automated digital mailroom service.

digital mailroom

Inefficient mailrooms and lack of secure document management make costs spiral and customer experience suffer

Without an automated, secure digital mailroom many businesses are still faced with a high volume of inbound mail – whether it’s a myriad of paper or digital documents. This could be customer correspondence, application forms, invoices, statements or payments to name but a few, but managing documents of this size is a challenge for many organisations. 

Typically, companies rely on manual and paper-dependent  processes instead of automated electronic back office solutions.  These are time consuming, labour intensive and prone to human error. As a result, their data is inaccessible for longer, they fall behind and ultimately jeopardise customer experience. 

Without automated digitisation, tracking information, prioritising action and eventual response is hindered. Security and compliance can also be compromised, which can cause significant problems in regulated markets. Essentially, your digital mailroom and the management of your business documents becomes disorganised. 

Investing in technology to manage this in-house may be plausible if you’re able to house large machinery, tech and solutions (keeping them up to date) and can afford it. However, the workflow, protocols and expertise required to do this are complex, especially dealing with communication in multiple formats and ever changing customer needs. Fortunately, Parseq offers outsourced mailroom services to effectively and efficiently support your business with an automated digital solution.

Key challenges of mail and document management without a digital mailroom

Errors-01 300px

Costly mistakes

Using manual processes is arduous, time consuming and prone to mistakes. Items are mislaid or unactioned.

Volume Scale-01300px


Volumes at peak times may be untenable or require recruitment and training.


Customer service

Slow processing or retrieval negatively affects customers and causes issues.



Compliance and security are easily compromised.

Limited Insight-01300px

Poor visibility

Tracking or retrieving information and prioritising action is hindered by manual processes.

Paper Burden-01300px

Paper burden

Storage of paper is cumbersome and causes issues when it needs to be filed with related digital information.

Our digital mailroom capabilities

digital mailroom

Significantly reduce cost and increase responsiveness

High security, outsourced digital mailroom services, proven to reduce the exhaustive burden of inbound mail and documents and cut costs by up to 30%.

Our highly automated digital mailroom services save money and increase responsiveness for multiple clients across many different sectors.

Through automated sorting, opening, scanning and data capture, we transform and streamline inbound mail. This prevents hard copy and digital correspondence from moving around businesses, meaning that fewer documents are lost or not processed.

Categories are tailored to the client’s requirements (e.g. “complaints”). We automatically identify data and turn this data layer into dynamic, useful information that helps to enhance the customer journey.

Digital documents are transformed using metadata and paper-based records are fully digitised. We host everything on our secure, fully searchable online portal, providing our clients with complete visibility of all images and associated data, as well as instant access 24/7.

Every year we receive 27 million mail items, digitise over 70 million documents and host 108 million images on our online portal. By blending our onshore, nearshore and offshore model, we not only facilitate economies of scale, but also provide a load balancing, 24/7 operating platform, making Parseq the go-to for outsourcing your digital mailroom services.


90% Automation

High levels of automation drive down cost and increase speed.


Secure and compliant

Our systems, protocols and strict SLAs ensure security and compliance. 


Dynamic info

Tailor made categorisation for dynamic customer information.

Multiple Formats-01300px

Multiple formats

Captures and extracts data from both paper and digital formats.

Digitisation-01 300px


All documents and communication are digitised and hosted on a fully searchable online portal for 24/7 access.

The benefits of digital mailroom services



Better response

With tracking and easy retrieval, you can respond to priorities and customer needs more readily.


99.9% Accuracy

Right first time

Less mistakes means faster processing and reduced costs.

Cost Saving-01300px

Cost saving

Typically 30%

Typically save 30% compared to in-house costs.




Real time data for better visibility and control.



Time and space

Mundane and repetitive tasks are removed to free up resource and space.


Load bear

Flexible and scalable

Accommodates any level of volume or peak times with no need to recruit or plan. 

Case study

Back scan gift aid consignment provides end-to-end audit trail for Sue Ryder...

hybrid mail services

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Talk to us about outsourcing your digital mailroom

Want to find out more? We would be happy to discuss your organisation’s mailroom management challenges and how Parseq’s solutions could help automate that process.