Meet Basil Nyoni – he’s a recruitment manager at our office in Rotherham and now, thanks to his involvement in our #16in16 campaign to train our staff with lifesaving CPR, a part time Mr Hearty mascot too.

Read why Basil is urging others to learn CPR and create a nation of lifesavers.

Q1. What have you learned in your CPR training?

 I gained a lot from my CPR training – more than I expected.

The one thing that stuck out was that I found where the best place to do the compression is. This is so important as you want to make sure you’re doing everything right to help the person.

Q2. How confident do you now feel assisting someone with CPR?

I feel very confident that I could respond in a real life situation. The training was straightforward. It provided me with the tools to put into practice the vital steps of CPR.

Check if the person is breathing. Shout for help. Perform CPR.

Q3. Did anything you learned surprise you?

Yes –  the difference between adult and child compression. When you see people doing CPR in movies everyone seems to perform compression in the same way for a child and an adult.

From my CPR training session as part of #16in16 I got to understand what the difference is.

 Q4. What have you said to your family and friends about what you’re doing?

I told them about the initial #10in10 campaign The British Heart Foundation and Barclays developed and they thought it was a brilliant idea that the charity and Barclays have created another campaign to give even more people a lifesaving and valuable life skill.

Q5. How do you feel about your new skill?

It’s a wonderful experience that Parseq has let its employees get involved in and I feel happy to have learned something that could make a difference to someone’s life and to have gained knowledge of how to give someone a chance of survival.

I have been able to join a nation of lifesavers because of my employer and that is awesome!

 Q6. Would you encourage anyone else to do this training?

In life you never know what situation you may be faced with. I would urge everyone to get involved in CPR training and help make a difference.