Cash strapped universities can unlock capital for investment in the back office

If universities are going to thrive in an increasingly turbulent financial climate they must wake up to the benefits greater efficiency in the back office can deliver, argues Parseq’s Craig Naylor-Smith. Higher education is currently operating in a fraught environment. At the start of November, The Independent discovered three universities in England are facing significant […]

Manufacturers could unlock financial flexibility to succeed in uncertain times

By Craig Naylor-Smith, Parseq’s managing director.   The health of the UK’s manufacturing industry has always been an important economic bellwether. It’s a major employer, and particularly affected by the international trading landscape thanks to its reliance on export markets and raw materials from overseas. It’s no surprise then that the latest figures from the Confederation of […]

Water utilities: Playing in the big leagues

Water utilities must cover all their customer experience bases ahead of WaterworCX if they’re going to measure up to the standards set in competitive markets, argues Craig Naylor-Smith.   We’ve now passed the first, highly anticipated milestone of PR19. Water companies submitted their business plans to Ofwat at the start of September and all eyes are […]

Reduce cost, improve cash flow and take control by automating Accounts Payable

The challenges High costs Manual invoice processing is slow, expensive and prone to errors. Research has shown that it costs on average £1.49-£7.46 to process an invoice and up to five days (1). Data entry takes most accounts payable time and 20% of invoices are paid late, often incurring financial penalties. Low productivity & inefficiency […]

Back office efficiency can help water retailers succeed on the open market

As the market matures, water retailers that can streamline the back office and deliver exceptional customer experience will stand out from the crowd, argues Craig Naylor-Smith  The open water market is now over a year old, but it’s fair to say a lack of awareness and engagement from potential business customers has seen the concept get […]

PR19: Why water utilities can’t afford to forget their back office

The results of Ofwat’s upcoming price review, PR19, will put the water sector under the microscope at a time when it is already the subject of intense scrutiny. The industry has become a political lightning rod, with criticism of everything from the prices water companies charge to the transparency of their tax arrangements and even […]