How payroll outsourcing will shape the future of HR

Craig Naylor-Smith, CEO, Parseq The HR sector will already be aware that the payroll outsourcing trend has been gathering pace over recent years. However, what might come as a revelation is the huge, predicted growth in the future. According to recent research*, the payroll outsourcing services market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of […]

3 ways back-office technology can help transform business’ finance departments

Finance departments are the beating heart of any business – ensuring their efficient and effective operation is critical to a firm’s performance. While many companies have been quick to apply cutting-edge technology – such as AI and automation – to their customer-facing operations, many are still yet to fully capitalise on the technology’s potential in […]

Firms need flexibility to achieve sustainable growth

Craig Naylor-Smith, CEO, Parseq Yorkshire is home to a vibrant, ambitious business community – one where growth is firmly in management teams’ sights. It only takes a scan of the latest Ward Hadaway ‘Yorkshire Fastest 50’ – the ranking of Yorkshire’s fastest growing firms, unveiled earlier this year in this paper – to see what […]

3 ways to improve customer experience with digital back office transformation

digital back office

Customers’ expectations are higher than ever when it comes to the quality of the experience they receive when buying from brands. Enough brands are now providing a seamless, personalised service across multiple different sales channels that those that do not risk leaving customers disappointed. For businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition and stand […]

How outsourcing F&A can help high growth tech companies thrive

Targeting growth is a priority for any small and medium sized enterprise (SME) in the tech space, whether it is through bringing in new business or streamlining existing systems to improve cashflow – expansion means evolution. But, as a tech firm strives to scale, build its customer bases and operate more efficiently, managing finance and […]

Smooth payment allocation can help manufacturers ease cashflow pressure

Craig Naylor-Smith, CEO of Parseq, discusses how payment allocation automation can help manufacturers manage cashflow pressures – and bolster customer experience – in a rocky economic landscape Manufacturers are facing a storm of operating challenges. Global supply bottlenecks are hampering production, while rising energy prices and competition for labour are driving up input prices. All […]

Drive efficiency gains up to 59% with our Nearshore Offshore model

In an ever-increasing competitive landscape and the continued rise of operating cost pressures, companies need to ensure their business processes run as efficiently as possible. At Parseq, we help you do just that. We’ll work with you to reduce cost, help you focus on your core business and realise tomorrow’s growth ambitions. We do this […]

A focus on payment allocation automation will help water retailers improve their cashflow

With water retailers facing a mounting volume of deferred or unpaid bills from business customers, a focus on improving payment allocation can help them keep their cashflow healthy, argues Parseq’s Managing Director Craig Naylor-Smith. Bad debt in the water retail sector Water retailers are facing a greater risk of bad debt from the non-household sector. […]

Partnerships will be key to driving transformation

By Craig Naylor-Smith, CEO, Parseq. The UK’s financial services businesses continue to operate in a challenging environment. On top of working in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive sector, firms must navigate significant uncertainty post-Brexit and keep pace with an ongoing shift towards greater digitalisation. The pandemic has also pushed the sector further into the […]