Career progression with Oliver Jobling

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Career progression with Oliver Jobling

Recruitment Consultant, Oliver Jobling, joined our Parseq Sunderland team in September 2014. Here he talks about his journey at Parseq and shares his top tips for career progression.

Oliver started out as an Outbound Sales Advisor and soon became a strong agent. This was down to his ever-increasing strength of making the customer experience brilliant every time. He then progressed to become a Quality Assurance Advisor and was determined to develop further which involved working more closely with training groups and evaluating calls.

Oliver is extremely driven. He’s continually on the look out to build his skillset and his recent motivation has been to join the recruitment team. By having first-hand experience of interacting with customers, he hoped this would work to his advantage in a recruitment role, especially when assessing potential future employees. And it did!

Oliver went on to secure a resource recruitment position and after a successful seven months in the role, he developed a real passion for the field. He’s recently been promoted and is now a Recruitment Consultant for Parseq’s Contact Centre division.

Can you describe your current role and responsibilities?

As a Recruitment Consultant, I’m responsible for new starter interviews, relations with local training providers and job centres. I also provide guidance to my peers and the wider resourcing team. I love what I do as there’s always a variety of things to get stuck into, for example, we hold brunch events, external client meetings and attend open events to widen Parseq’s outreach as an employer. I also have the opportunity to travel to our other Parseq sites, meet with new colleagues and have real accountability for my role.

What kind of traits do you think it takes to thrive?

Being diverse and ambitious is key for me. Having a positive outlook also boosts morale in a team which is great. Overall, being open to change is essential as you need to be able to adapt to a client’s requirements.

So, what are your top tips for career progression?

I would definitely say to take on-board any advice you receive and work hard at it. It’s good to be proactive and I think suggesting ideas shows you want to make a difference. Finally, I think helping others when you can demonstrates your capability as a mature leader and role model. Setting an example is very important.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about working for Parseq?

The environment is second to none; it’s the atmosphere that makes it! Each role has different highlights and it was the social aspect of working with my peers and the incentive schemes that stands out from my time as an Advisor.  As my career has progressed, I have enjoyed the increase in responsibility and opportunity the business has to offer. My confidence has rocketed too. Working at Parseq has really brought me out of my shell. I also love the job satisfaction that I get when I see someone thrive after initially meeting them during their interview.


Sounds like he’s really done himself and Parseq proud. Well done Oliver!

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