Why Choose Parseq

Clients of all sizes and sectors come to us and stay with us. They tell us they value our approach, our people and our commitment to making a difference.

Our approach, people and commitment are key components of the service we deliver our clients. They are at the heart of our Parseq Principles.

Our Principles are what make us different and they guide everything we do. Read our Principles below.

1. Your brand is our brand

When we represent a client’s brand we do so in a manner that is completely seamless. Our goal is to provide an outsourcing service without the feeling of outsourcing. That means upholding your reputation like it’s our own, because that’s exactly what it is. Our people are given all the exposure, learning and skill they need to live and breathe your brand.

2. Trust

Strong and sustainable partnerships are built on trust. Trust is the result of a sustained effort by us to be the partner our clients can depend on. It means we listen, we understand and we collaborate, we seek feedback, we do what we say, we are consistent and we are accurate. Above all we are open and honest, friendly and approachable and we are never afraid or embarrassed to say no.

3. Best of both worlds

Clients tell us they want the security, safety and compliance of a large provider, but with the agility, flexibility and approachability of a boutique. It’s a rare find. It’s what Parseq do beautifully. We work hard to strike this special balance and it gives us a unique space in the market. It means there’s little we can’t offer our clients, however tightly regulated their market.

4. Staying ahead of the curve

In a busy working day clients don’t always have time to stay abreast of market changes, best practice or emerging technologies. We are their eyes and ears. We’re always looking for better ways of working and passing that on. Flexible direct debits and world-wide cheque processing through Lock Box are just two of our latest innovations. We proactively share our knowledge and ideas and we encourage our clients to raise their own expectations of what’s possible.

5. Diverse culture

Success for our clients depends on us having a workforce that is diverse, strong and stable. Our HR processes are all encompassing. We recruit genuinely nice people, people with a natural ability to acquire, retain or improve. It’s about round pegs in round holes. Thereafter we help them to thrive, to reach their potential and to see the enormous difference they are making for their brands everyday. We are a family and everything revolves around that.

6. Adding Value

We would never take a client’s brief at face value. They would never expect us to. We seek to understand their business and then leverage our size and synergies to identify opportunities they might not have thought of. We go further than they expect and beyond what they could achieve in-house to make their outsource a complete success.

7. Scalability and flexibility

All our clients want to be assured that they can scale if they need to. That applies whether they are a global blue chip or a regional SME. And whether they require a single service or a complete end-to-end cross departmental outsource, our services are entirely flexible and designed specifically to match the ups and downs of business.

8. Security

We exceed external and third party audit standards and have robust PCI DSS rigours in place to help guarantee our service. In regulated markets, security of systems and procedures is everything. We’ve been doing it for 40 years and we continue to deliver on that trust every minute of every day.

We’d love to talk to you some more about our Parseq Principles, please contact us.